Chinese version of BTS Jimin ‘Esquire’ February issue drives netizens crazy

Chinese version of BTS Jimin ‘Esquire’ February issue

1. The photos are so chic and elegant, they are so pretty, Dior is working hard, let’s do more

2. The photos are all good

3. Should I go to China? These photos are amazing

4. Okay, where can I buy this?

5. As expected, Jimin is so cute and innocent

6. Wow, can’t I just buy this? ㅠㅠ

7. Jimin is so pretty….ㅠㅠㅠ

8. I like his expressions

9. The pictorial genius Park Jimin is so cool

10. Wow the photos are so pretty, they look different from the Korean version, I want it

11. He’s really good at facial expressions and poses

12. I think this version is much better than the Korean version

13. Park Dior is so pretty

14. Wow, Jimin’s photos are so good, he’s so cool

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He’s the ugliest bts member


and your mom should’ve aborted you at the first place since you have time 24/7 spewing shits online like you can’t even be useful for once in your life


The ugliness you have is on the inside and not even the best plastic surgeon could erase it. 


Even if u said this 1000 times more it won’t come true , STAY MAD


Listen you freak. I know you think you’re being an edgy troll butbreally you’re just a pathetic loser that projects their misery onto ppl


stop looking at yourself 😚


he, rapmonkey and jhorse too


Ugliest member in ur delulu world lol. Stop the projection u r looking more pathetic than u already are


talentless also


He’s so pretty , only ugly bitches can’t see that


He’s a 30 year old man 💀


2 + 2 = fish cause what was you trying to achieve with this ‘comeback’ for a comment that was simply calling him pretty?

Also ‘Yeonjunnie’ is literally only 4 years younger than the supposed 30 year old man. I’d pipe down if I were you 😕


T@nga ndi pa cya 30, mag aral ka muna magbilang bago mo ikalat ka toxican mo

Hi, I'm Guest

And? Still can be pretty even when he’s in his 40 🤷‍♀️


The same photo shoot being reused for different magazines. Talk about cost saving, shows how much they value their new ambassador lmao even the clothes he wore at pfw looked very similar to what Robert Pattinson have worn before in Egypt.


not only that you are dumb but also blind 😂 these are not the same clothes dummy!
& of course dior values jimin a lot.
dior saw the biggest rise in their stocks and sales since 1992 thanks to jimin


‘biggest rise in stock’ 😂😂😂 you are just dumb yknow, your source are probably stan twitter


bruh literally dior announced it but ok


Huh? Bka ung mga achievements ng fave mo ang gling lng sa rando from twt lol. Always the ugly and miserable ones bark the loudest 🤷‍♀️

Hi, I'm Guest

Only stiffsoo stans can’t believe that bcs too bad, the dozen midsoo is not (or never) the IT girl unlike the IT BOY Park Jimin


You can’t read, huh? I said very similar, not the same. Although they could’ve just alter Rob’s suit and dye it grey for Jimin lol since yk, they like to save money.

freeseungri style, no voice, no look. plastic ape face


Bka nmn kasi nakatingin ka sa salamin hbang ng tatype ka, eh makakakita ka nga ng unggoy nyan. Itapon mo salamin mo sa bhay ng ndi ka makita ng unggoy 😊


The amount of photoshop 😂😂
Changed his whole race and features. If you see him irl you wouldn’t think he’s handsome. Lol


Nkita mo na ba? Always the ugly and miserable ones bark the loudest 🥴


Even his voice needs edit


Jungkook is the only man in that group lol


Last time I check BTS is a group of 7 male idols. Did Jungkook change his group recently? Why no one is informed abt this?


Nah he drunk drives


He’s unreal actually 😍 No wonder he has all the ugly bitches pressed by simply existing prettily lmao


i see Oli london


Fix your eyesight then.


I can feel your misery. U will probably feel better soon, hang in there and don’t let ur insecurity and jealousy eat u up entirely 😊

Hi, I'm Guest

That’s why, stop seeing with ur assholes


Unreal thanks to edits


He’s so gorgeous.


Rich, successful, smart and a great person inside and out. That’s why he keeps getting bless. His antis are crying and showing their ugly selves cause they can’t accept that fact that he is doing great while they are miserable 💁‍♀️


Hes rly the it boy bc he got the stans of the other fads crying bc their faves are jobless and no one wants them ijbol stay winning jiminnnn


He has to go for enlistment hence why he’s busy now. He’s running out of time. He was jobless last year so he had to make it up now.

Hi, I'm Guest

And even when he enlisted, you still gonna see him everyday just like THE Kim Seokjin, that always made bicchoes like u mad everyday 😌


it boy lmao let him stand next cha eunwoo he’d be hideous


I’m sorry but if you compare it to cha eunwoo and sehun this boy is definition of ugly visual



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