Christmas Tree by V is the most popular Christmas song on Spotify, Knetz react

BTS’ V’s ‘Christmas Tree’ was selected as the most popular Christmas song on Spotify, proving its global popularity.

1. On top of Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé and Wham is V’s Christmas tree and even his self-composed song is below it, Sweet Night. It’s a hit

2. It was announced by the British media and they also said it was amazing that Mariah wasn’t number one

3. You mean it’s on a lot of Christmas song playlists? The song is really good, I can listen to it from now on. I liked the drama too, so I watched it as well

4. The post has less than 100 views, but it’s already have 2 downvotes, so I’m sure someone is searching against V

5. People all over the world have similar listening ears. Because they sing well, they are loved for a long time and they’re recognized everywhere

6. It’s a song that surprises even in the UK. It’s so nice to hear Taehyung’s warm voice

7. Congrats on being number 1 among prominent singers. Sweet Night is also number 5

8. Oh my god! Congrats Taehyung, because the song is good, it’s still popular

9. Taehyung’s voice has a warm and affectionate atmosphere with a low-pitched voice. I also like Snow Flower which features Peakboy, so I’m waiting for it to be uploaded on Spotify soon. It’s definitely a song that the public will like it

10. All those Christmas songs are good, but Christmas Tree is so warm that it’s perfect

11. Oh, congratulations Taehyung! I knew you would be so popular

12. The title is Christmas Tree, so it’s perfect for a carol song, but the lyrics are so good, I listen to it all year round and Taehyung melts into his voice

13. Re-entering the charts. Winter is coming!!

14. Really cool atmosphere, V’s voice is sweet and it’s a song that makes me want to listen to it again and again

15. As expected, our Taehyung is cool

16. My heart flutters every time I hear the Christmas tree. V’s voice is so gorgeous

17. Great song, I’m proud of it

18. Taehyung’s voice and emotion match the end of the year atmosphere so well. I feel like I’m hugging Taehyung warmly when I’m listening to it

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I love Christmas tree last year when it was released it overtook Mariah Carey on melon but this is pretty huge considering its not a Christmas song and neither is sweet night.
I hope they release snow flower (one of his best song) on Spotify coz its already going viral on tiktok.


the song will be uploaded on Spotify and other streaming platforms once he made his solo debut. i cant wait!!


I wish they would do it during Christmas I love Snow flower sm


“considering it’s not a Christmas song”

– army about a song named “Christmas Tree”💀


But its not a Christmas song. The only Christmas thing that song has is its name that’s it nothing more nothing less. And what will you say about Sweet Night that literally has nothing to do with Christmas. Just accept it his voice is winter friendly and appropriate for festivals


Dude the lyrics isn’t about Christmas. Don’t get involved in everything.


Ohh when Tae release his solo album it’s gonna be nastyyyyyyyy


😂😂 this is said as a good thing. Like bad means good… y’all slow


I hope it stays high ranking as we closer to the holidays. Stream armys, stream

WhatsThe Point

Christmas tree makes me feel so warm and fuzzy or maybe it’s just his honey voice.


His voice is magical. I wish Snow flower and Winter bear were also on Spotify.


Only Armys are listening to that. Most popular christmas song??? How did they come up with that ranking?

Dot Com

I guess gp is army, stay mad


it doesn’t have enough stream to chart lmao. By popularity they mean PLAYLIST. Mariah’s song is literally charting on Global Spotify Top 100


1.CT is a gp fave’s not a fandom driven song.
2.Edinburgh Live reported this list based on spotify playlisting.CT it’s added to around 2200 playlists,maria’s song is in 1500 playlists.
this is not sth army or bighit can do(if bighit was doing it,they would do for official comebacks as we know BTS’s playlisting on spotify is always weak)

Last edited 4 months ago by roza

hmm… mariah’s song is 28 years old and was written and produced by her, and the song will be #1 on billboard again this year.

let’s see how many people will listen to his song that was neither written nor produced by him in 28 years lol

Last edited 4 months ago by Guest
But I wasn’t done…

Coming from a stan of a group that gets its streams from Thai bots I’d shut up


Only blue haired purple freaks in Sokor are mass streaming that unknown christmas song lmao. They should have changed the caption to most popular christmas song in Sokor streamed by Korean bots.

But I wasn’t done…

Saying this while porn pink is flopping everywhere. No streams except from Thailand. No awards unless they’re bought. No talent. No demand. No visuals but you coming for organic king Taehyung??? Go buy them hoes albums before they have to kneel before Jeremy oppa… again


Not when 2 songs from Born Pink is charting in the Global Spotify and SD outstreaming any BTShits songs both Globally and in Sokor. JINHAG will be cleaning toilets next month and will be dodging bullets in the frontline. Oh and it’s winter time, he might get frozen and get sick of the cold 🥶


Never heard of it before lol


I’m not even a BTS fan but this comment section is so fcking bitter and nasty for such a positive post lmaoooo. Yall are proving kpop stans are nasty immature bxtches.


It smells like jealousy about Christmas Tree

But I wasn’t done…

And Tae gets bigger and bigger the more they hate so…


Jung kook is bigger and more successful than rude baldyung.


Tae and his songs always a smash hit. He is proving again his power and musical quality. 🔥


be real💀 this is obviously mass streaming impact no one listen to this shit besides his r*tarded blue hair fans lol AIWFCIY remains the most popular and organic christmas song everywhere and will peak at no.1 on hot 100 again like it always does!!

But I wasn’t done…

Miserable. Enjoy watching BP get no daesangs… again this year lmao


the only miserable here is you. You can’t go on a day here on Pannkpop without mentioning BP that we got used of your drags. You need to come up with something new. You are so boring


Oh for sure Mariah will top hot100 again, a chart that only tracks America and heavily favors radio. But Spotify is a global platform and streaming is voluntary. More people in the US will hear Mariah all winter long, but more people globally will CHOOSE to listen to Taehyung. 🙂


Not when he is not charting on Global Spotify Top 100. This post is about HEAVY PLAYLISTING lmao.


Congrats to Tae! It’s a beautiful song and him singing makes it even more gorgeous~

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