Chum Churum reveals the shocking reason why they stopped using Jennie as a model

The reason why Chum Churum stopped using Jennie as a model

Because their sales declined

[+397, -65]

1. [+239, -21] Jennie doesn’t look like someone who drinks soju.. She looks like someone who would drink soju with you but suddenly said “let’s drink liquor instead”

2. [+215, -81] Her media play is too serious. To be honest, who would buy a product just by looking at her?

3. [+161, -28] She didn’t suit it since the start

4. [+118, -142] Instead of blaming Jennie, they should realize that people don’t drink it because there are so many other substitutes now and their prices are too high

5. [+51, -8] Honestly, she doesn’t suit soju

6. [+40, -7] She’s not someone that makes you want to drink soju together

7. [+8, -1] No, who would drink soju just by looking at a model?

8. [+7, -1] Men drink soju just by looking at models, but Jennie is the celebrity that women prefer over men

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Ladyboy lisa

Well yg mediaplay expert, anyway i think she looks good in underwear commercial fit the seoul cycle title 😂😂😂


Jennie seems like one of those sloppy drunks that you don’t want to hangout with

Last edited 10 days ago by Yeah

She suits beers more than soju


But we all know what kind of “drink” slvthyung likes. The kind that comes from woonga and jungc0ck 🤣


blinks obsession with bts needs to be studied


There are so many pictures for your ugly girlies but we don’t share them. Cause’ bts is already bullying midpink on the charts. That’s why we pity you 😉


Blonk always need to write au on harmless pic of bts & even editing them, can’t say the same about jenfad who get her nudes pic spread bcs she likes it that way lol very soul cycle of her


Your whore is flopping in broad daylight and here you are sucking Tae’s dick. Maybe if slutnnie stopped being a cumrag for YG, gd, Jeremy, Kai and random white men she could get people to buy her shit.


Slvthyung cvmbvcket of kpop. You h@gs need to hop of jennies dcik. Or else we do the same to that unless cvmraghyung 🤣


Ma’am we all know Jennie has a dick we don’t need for you to remind us. Once she’s done serving as a Seoul cycle for Korean men in back alleys she’s using her little dick on her band mates. She’s a known slut and you know it.

Color color stan

Notice how only whorennie is getting called transit girl and seoul cycle 🤭


Worry about jungc0ck forking every women in Korea 🤢🤣 fricking womenizer

Last edited 10 days ago by BlinkPink
mother dozen

you’re a pussy too scared of getting your only reason of living sniped that you have to censor cuss words. “c0ck” “forking” “fricking” you’re either 10 years old or an adult who’s had too many memories of their parents beating them for cussing that it still paralyzes you with fear even now.


they made a mistake by choosing her


Wow I love their honesty. They basically said we replaced her because she failed to give them a good return. Basically her ROI is very low lmao. Brave company.


Great job soju company! You did the right thing by cancelling her, all she has is yg mediaplay 😌


So BlinkPink is a set up account lol


nope dumbass we can change our names here. blinkpink is a real blink, this person’s just using their name lol. even if blinkpork was a setup, they say what yall think so they’re just a great representation of how disgusting and worthy of hate blinks are.

Last edited 9 days ago by mynings

😂😂😂😂 lmaooooo another proof that her fame is a bubble


She doesn’t have a friendly aura is mor like she will judge you

Saint Seungri

yes, Jennie has an inocent and pure aura 🙂 she like an angel


Ikyfl Jennie had a whore aura. She should endorse condoms next but then again she never uses them

Saint Seungri

thats right 🙂 ugly stupid b1tch with orc face han So Hee better fit to this alcohol shit


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Finally companies are calling her out for being a mediaplayed flop. It’s what STDennie deserves

Color color stan

Imagine how bad the sales must be for the company to actually say it 😂 seoul cycle is really only good for sleeping with men


Looking at the original Nate Pann post, that is not what the translation says at all. It says a media outlet says not Chum Churum.

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