CL and YG Yang Hyun Suk had a secret meeting, will 2NE1 reunite?

[Exclusive] CL and YG Yang Hyun Suk had a secret meeting.. Will 2NE1 reunite?

Singer CL and Yang Hyun Suk had a secret meeting. In particular, this meeting is even more meaningful as it takes place before the 15th anniversary of 2NE1, a 4-member girl group under YG

1. This is a secret meeting, so what’s the news?

2. I hope that they get the trademark rights and even if they reunite, I hope it’s not YG’s doing

3. 2NE1 fans must hate Yang Hyun Suk so much. 2NE1’s disbandment was weird

4. Do they have a good relationship..? I think I saw her sniping at him on Instagram

5. YG still has the trademark rights?

6. Yang Hyun Suk, please give them the trademark rights

7. I think it would be good if they did it at YG

8. I want to see 2NE1

9. Please release the MV that was filmed before disbanding

10. Can’t Yang Hyun Suk retire?

11. Yang Hyun Suk is becoming more and more handsome; The article photo shocked me

-> ????????? This comment is even more shocking than 2NE1’s reunion

12. Hul… please release an album ㅠㅠ

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