CNN news reporting on Jin’s enlistment makes netizens look back at how Korea treats BTS

What’s up with the CNN news?ㅋㅋ Jin enlists in the armyㅋㅋ

Jin enlists in the armyㅋㅋㅋ

1. I’m not too surprised because I’m used to BTS appearing on overseas news

2. He appeared on the main page of the BBC homepage

3. Seokjin-ah, take good care of yourself

4. Why was the CNN reporter there?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Wow he’s really popular

6. I know that BTS is so popular, but I’m shocked at how they are treated overseas

7. Daebak, of course I know it’s because of BTS, but it’s strange that they came to Korea from the US to report on Jin’s enlistment like that

8. Wow, BTS is more than I imagined

9. Even if it were me, I’d be surprised if Justin Bieber or Harry Styles said they’d be enlisting

10. BTS’s class is different

11. Wow.. CNN is here to report..

12. Korea is so unstable that even BTS has to do military service?? It’s like this

13. It’s like Korea doesn’t treat BTS well…

14. Seems like Korea doesn’t know BTS’s influence

15. You reminded the world that Korea is a divided country

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We all know its just Korea that treat bts like shit, they don’t highlights their achievements, always downplay their impact. Reminds me of Busan concert when locals were so surprised as to how popular and powerful they are they didn’t know coz sk media always downplayed it.


well, considering how many big kpop agencies there, the competition for the industry is really wild, the reason why bts went to the west and other asian country first rather than focus on making fans in their home country. because bighit and bts know all too well that they can’t be famous in s.korea coz the industry is being played with 💸💸 by big 3 or other agencies.


Korea is the only country that doesnt treat BTS with the respect they deserve lmao, even world medias point this out


The way international media already downplayed BTS impact as well due to them being boyband from asia country and yet it happened worse in their home country…..


that’s why there is a famous saying, “the only flaw of bts is that they’re from korea”

WhatsThe Point

How ironic that international media talks more abt BTS achievements and current happenings than their own country

WhatsThe Point

We really don’t grasp how strong of a hold big3 has on kmedia and mediaplay in sk, to the point that sk thinks anyone can achieve whatever BTS did


Only the people from their home country who don’t know how to value them.


No. 7 is this a first time an international media flew to Korea just to cover his enlistment? Wow that’s insane seriously


Another episode of Koreans realizing how big BTS is and how they don’t know how to care for their national treasures. And the way I know they are not going to do anything to correct themselves smh


Especially government people, like those people won’t give a sit on their people. Not just in south korea, literally everywhere.


I hate every Korean who thinks all of BTS achievements are achievable for other idols too




When will Koreans understand that outside their country only Bangtan matters? Koreans should focus on chasing and harassing all those idols who should be in by now and keep running away from their duty, so that they do something useful for their country for once! 


My local news even covered this, so it’s crazier that ppl are surprised.


In the Philippines too! Just last night, 24 oras (news fromGMA Network in the Phil. and main channel television) reported abt Jin enlisting. And also at morning, Unang Hirit (morning news of GMA) reported abt it again. Like srsly, if bts were born from my country, we would’ve made a monument just for them.


Relevance that Korea will never see again after BTS and all because they’re jealous of their own artist


That’s the comment🙏


Why is now people blaming “how korea treats bts” when this boy group said themselves they will enlist if called? Lmfao armys are the best at twisting the plot


well, in my opinion, korea SHOULD be grateful that bts have a sense of duty. but not only they’re ungrateful, they all seem indifferent and still criticizing bts with their military enlistment and demanding that they should be posed in welcoming tourists at the border like 💀💀💀 fuck korea

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