Coldplay x BTS ‘MyUniverse’ nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance + ‘Yet To Come’ nominated for Best Music Video at 65th Grammy Awards

Coldplay x BTS ‘MyUniverse’ nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance (BTS for 3 consecutive years) + ‘Yet To Come’ nominated for Best Music Video at 65th Grammy Awards

Coldplay x BTS ‘MyUniverse’ nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

‘Yet To Come’ nominated for Best Music Video

RM, J-Hope and Suga joined as songwriters on Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres”, nominated for Album of the Year

1. Wow crazy, 3 years in a row ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. I wish they could get it this time

3. This is a good time to get it

4. Can anyone tell me what the 3 songs in a row are…..?

5. I was surprised when I saw BamBam as a candidateㅋㅋ

6. I really like My Universeㅋㅋ

7. Seriously awesome

8. Congratulations to BTS

9. Kingtan

10. Congratulations to BTS!!!!!! You guys are amazing

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damn ytc got so much flack from kpop stans for not having many views only for it to get nominated for best MV! time for kpop stans to realize flashy sets and corny badass concepts dont make an MV good!


not having many views =/= best mv.. yall are so weird, get out of stan twitter


your reading comprehension is at the bottom thats not what i said you moron


high budget, money=let’s get a nomination in best music video this is dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard


hmm… i don’t see them winning tbh


lol you can downvote me but it doesn’t change the fact that ABBA and Taylor Swift will win


and is this supposed to be a drag? its 5 more nominations that no other kpop act will ever get, yall mocking this acting like a homeless person mocking someone for not living in a mansion


True, they gonna disband with just being nominees atp 🤣


You are so weird. The downplay is delusional at this point.

You realize that being a Grammy nominee is considered prestigious by itself in the industry, right? Disregarding personal opinions of the grammys, it’s still considered the biggest award in the world that a musician can achieve and is also one of the few award titles of the entertainment world where a nom is considered with respect.


You got JYP acting like a dog mediaplaying a glorified arena as a stadium, BP gagging over jeremy to get them more spotify streams and asking their US fans to buy albums on instagram, SM shoving NCT and Aespa everywhere they can in America while they eternally tank on apple music and spotify..

Meanwhile BTS is “just” nominated for the most respected music award in the very country that all of kpop is whring themseves out to. Y’all are hilarious. Stay bitter.

But I wasn’t done…

Bp disbanding with no musical accomplishments don’t get cute


And your fave will disband with just nugu stuck on their name

But I wasn’t done…

Who BP? Of course not dear, they weren’t nominated…


It’s more hilarious that your mid dozen fave can’t even get a nom…

WhatsThe Point

3rd time’s the charm they say..
The tl went from celebrating aaa voting win to telling eo not to embarrass the fandom and keeping expectations low to celebrating noms😭🫂


Congrats to BTS for their success! I’m so proud. And they made history with a Korean song being put out for nominations too.

It’s also so awesome that the rapline can be considered Grammy nominated songwriters too 💜


the downplaying of bts getting grammy nominated as if its an easy thing to do. lets not act like these trolls wouldn’t want their faves to get recognized by these awards as their own group and not just a shadow of bts

Last edited 10 months ago by 🐡

And some group just stuck at submitted the bna…for 3 consecutive years 🤣🤣🤣

Last edited 10 months ago by guest

made an english album for nothing lmaooo

Last edited 10 months ago by hmmp

New artist nomination 💀


Army please vote bts ‼️🙏


Yesterday, we witnessed a karma. Its ytc karma💅


I’m so glad they nominated Yet to come, because the lyrics of the song and the music video are both very meaningful to Bangtan and Army, it’s good that they appreciated it. I’m very proud of our boys.


The songs are so below average. It only gets popular because bts can make songs from their farts and stupid fans will still consume it

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