Collection of talented idols

There are many people in the group so only one person in the group is listed

EXO Baekhyun

BTS Jungkook

TWICE Nayeon


TXT Yeonjun

ITZY Ryujin

IVE An Yujin

Seventeen Hoshi

Aespa Karina

Stray Kids Felix

NewJeans Hyein

NCT Mark

Other Idols: LE SSERAFIM Chaewon, (G)I-DLE Soyeon, Monsta X Kihyun, Red Velvet Seulgi, VIVIZ SinB, Oh My Girl YooA

[+66, -109]

1. [+175, -33] It was sh*t from the beginning

2. [+160, -75] You only collect idols who are the center

3. [+122, -6] EXO Kai, Aespa Winter and ITZY Yeji

4. [+87, -90] Karina has many talents..?

5. [+56, -5] It’s Aespa Winter and NewJeans Hanni

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