Compared to ILLIT’s Magnetic organic charting, where are Like Crazy’s streams coming from on Spotify US?

Jimin’s “Like Crazy” for the last month has been charting on Spotify US after not charting for months prior and with no virality to explain its charting as no one in the US GP care about the song. (Never went viral on TikTok US or YouTube US even when it first came out and definitely not a year after it came out) So where are the streams for it coming from? Let’s compare it to recently debuted group, Illit. 

Illit’s “Magnetic” has been charting on all major US cities that contribute to Spotify US largest pool of the population that stream the most in the country. But compared to “Like Crazy” that just randomly started to chart on the chart in the high 70s, it was no where to be found.

Even when Like Crazy debuted it never charted on any of the main cities with the biggest population of streamers.

This also is making many question how is it possible for Illit to debut with 6.2M streams and bubble under on Billboard Hot 100 at #2 but Like Crazy that is pulling almost 4.5M weekly on Spotify US has never bubbled under. (Magnetic also has no sales or radio carrying it so there is no excuse as to why Like Crazy doesn’t even bubble under)

Magnetic was finally able to chart on Billboard Hot 100 for the week of April 5 – April 12, again with no sales or radio while Like Crazy’s has remixes, versions and streams on Spotify US to at least carry it over on Hot 100.

Before Jimin’s fanbases have publicly shared that all of Like Crazy charting were thanks to Morocco and Canada VPNs. And the Canadian fanbase has also stated they can buy streams to chart.

Is that why even on Billboard 200 charts, Like Crazy’s streams and sales are repeatedly getting filtered every week by even songs with less streams in the US?

Spotify has been on record stating that Like Crazy streams are fraudulent. 

They among Billboard and Pandora has called out Like Crazy fraudulent streams but because it’s not BigHit doing this, they can’t suspend or ban Jimin’s profile. That explains why BigHit has yet to publicly celebrate Jimin’s Like Crazy hitting 1B streams. They must know his individual fanbase are botting the song.

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