Controversy over IVE ‘Kitsch’ line distribution

IVE ‘Kitsch’ Line Distribution

1. Liz, what did you do wrong?

2. Liz has a good voice and has solid skills, so I wish she had more parts

3. No… I know Liz is the member with the best vocals, but what is this…?

4. There are only 6 members, but Liz only has 5 seconds, this is too much

5. Isn’t Liz the main vocalist? Are they crazy?

6. Seriously, why…?????????

7. Seriously, shouldn’t they change Liz’s part with Jang Wonyoung’s part?

8. Why did they do this to the main vocalist???? I really don’t understand

9. Daebak, only 5 seconds for the member who sings the best, they’re crazy

10. It’s surprising that the member who sings the best has the fewest parts

11. Liz is the main vocalist, but she only has 5 seconds;;; They discriminate among the members, I think this group can’t last long

12. No, why did they do this to Liz…? I want to hear Liz’s voice because her voice is so good ㅠㅠ

13. Liz sings well and has a good voice, but why do they treat her like that?

14. Isn’t Liz the main vocalist??? This is too much

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This is hilarious . Liz deserves better


That Strawberry Moon live cover was the best reason why the other two members deserved much more lines. 🙊


Before breaking the news I thought it was a typical netizen exaggeration, but wow, 5 secs. Poor baby Liz.

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No cause I will like think it’s acceptable if Liz get less lines because her voice is not “fit” in this song but even her screen times here is ass, I feel like camera will be barely on her during live performances later on


Yeah this song doesn’t fit her that much but at least 10 seconds could be hers.


How is her voice doesnt fit this song?


She has soft voice but this song is trying to show swag or something. But even considering that 5 seconds is very little


What? Lol You sound stupid


This is first time i see main vocalist got 5sec in a song lol. I understand if she’s not a vocalist or just a visual but she’s main vocalist of the grp…


Yet knetz dare to mock twice for having “no skills” while ive, one of the least talented 4th gen groups, and their bad song with corny lyrics is climbing up the charts. Liz the best singer (she and rei only can sing live good while Yujin struggled) yet she gets to be a back up dancer to the most untalented in the group – Wonyoung, Leeseo and Gaeul.

Superficial hypocrites who only care about beauty is the reason why kpop will never be taken seriously.
You can’t tell me talk that talk/I can’t stop me are bad songs when this horror kitch exists.


The hate twice got is ridiculous. Wonyoung and leeseo’s lip sync perf never affect them. So does bp’s lazy perf in their tour. Imagine if it was twice..they will dragged even after 20yrs


literally, Ive and bp both only thrive off their golden spoon/ bratty girl images. it’s always the members with the worst live skills that get pushed the hardest and have the loudest fans too. overall subpar skills, shit music and crazy ass fans that have nothing of substance to brag about so they dont shut up about brand deals instead.

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4th gen grp is hilarious. The tone deaf member got the line while the main vocalist got only 5sec. Imagine yoona got the most line while taeyeon got only 5sec. Glad sm never do this to snsd.. And nowdays they expect every member got the same line distribution..i disagree..the one who can sing or suit the song need to have more line.. not a toned deaf member


She’s the main vocal. Why didn’t they give her more lines?


The mv is terrible most of it was wonyoung showing her face off


Mediaplay tactic


Sorry, but I won’t support I’ve anymore. Disgusting. Liz is clearly getting punished by the agency for not being ‘thin enough’.
Can’t watch enother second of Wonyoung grimacing to the camera.


go then


who do you think you are for anyone to care whether or not you support them? just go. no one will beg you to stay

pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

hahaha no one likes liz even company 🙂 Wonyoung goddess, liz peppa pig
u can kick her out of the group, no one will notice lul

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pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung



don’t care. fake group, fake numbers

pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

Sorry this post about IVE not btASS 🙂


No offense but Liz is the one who sings better and has the most powerful voice. This was clearly done because of his weight controvery and I find it SO unfair,


This is an odd choice given that Liz (on a technical level) is the only one that could probably be regarded as a vocal member predominantly.


At this point I’m just praying for Liz to get the f out of this group with Rei…


When they debuted, Liz got a lot of attention but the way starship treats her keeps getting worse now

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