Controversy over IVE ‘Kitsch’ line distribution

IVE ‘Kitsch’ Line Distribution

1. Liz, what did you do wrong?

2. Liz has a good voice and has solid skills, so I wish she had more parts

3. No… I know Liz is the member with the best vocals, but what is this…?

4. There are only 6 members, but Liz only has 5 seconds, this is too much

5. Isn’t Liz the main vocalist? Are they crazy?

6. Seriously, why…?????????

7. Seriously, shouldn’t they change Liz’s part with Jang Wonyoung’s part?

8. Why did they do this to the main vocalist???? I really don’t understand

9. Daebak, only 5 seconds for the member who sings the best, they’re crazy

10. It’s surprising that the member who sings the best has the fewest parts

11. Liz is the main vocalist, but she only has 5 seconds;;; They discriminate among the members, I think this group can’t last long

12. No, why did they do this to Liz…? I want to hear Liz’s voice because her voice is so good ㅠㅠ

13. Liz sings well and has a good voice, but why do they treat her like that?

14. Isn’t Liz the main vocalist??? This is too much

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