Controversy over tripleS plagiarizing NewJeans

Accusations of similarity between tripleS and NewJeans, “trend or plagiarism” debate

1. Seriously, I didn’t even know the similarities between them

2. tripleS is like Fin.K.L and NewJeans is like SES

3. I watched their MV for the first time yesterday and I didn’t even think about NewJeans

4. They were dancing in the street and showing their phone screens

5. They don’t look similar at all, the color of the group is different

6. The concept itself is different

7. Just looking at those scenes, the overall feel and atmosphere seems similar to NewJeans?

8. I immediately thought of NewJeans when I watched their MV

9. I think it’s similar… The choreography is similar too..

10. The choreography looks so similar, but the concept is not the same

11. As soon as I saw it, I immediately thought of NewJeans

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that’s an attempt but i don’t think they succeeded with it


I feel like its a good MV and song as whole, especially for a debut. By what criteria are you saying it isn’t successful?

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idk maybe because I am exposed to other sides of music , it do reminds me of newjeans a bit but it reminds me more of keyakizaka46 .

But no plagiarisation is happening here .
Both Min Heejin and Jaden Jeong planned this for years I think , at least for Min Heejin , she’s already planned the concept for Newjeans for years , even before the lockdown happened just there line up of members that kept changing.

It’s just a coincidence. But hey the music is good

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For the concept its not plagiarism cause they were preparing for this group long time ago and they already choose the concept even before newjeans debute but lets be honest they copied part of the choreography


If it was exols they would have been trending hashtags. They still bringing up school uniforms as plagiarism to this dayvlike 99% of korean students dont wear uniforms


They would not stop there lol. They will file a petition with the Blue House too


I mean, I can see similarities, but not sure bout plagiarizing.


it isn’t plagarism, they’re just both groups with the youth + y2k concept.. but triple s acid angel is more rebellious and a bit edgy while newjeans is more vibrant, like rich girls on a vacation together lol. newjeans mvs feel like they could be parts of a good chick flick and triple s just has a completely different vibe

let’s not claim the whole y2k trend as either groups thing or dancing outside and inside pls


TBH, with NewJeans success, strap the f in because every teen girl group is going to try what NewJeans did.
I LOVE this song, but when I watched the MV, I noticed way more similarities than what was mentioned in this thread. Its not plagiarism though.
Look at Class:y’s Tick Tick Boom. The way the MV was shot clearly was inspired by NJ too.

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