Creative office of Burberry shared a instagram story with BLACKPINK’s Rosé but there was cocaine on the table

Creative office of Burberry Riccardo Tisci shared a story on Instagram with the blackpink singer Rosé, however he deleted it minutes later because traces of cocaine were observed on the table.

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if it isnt cocaine/any wrong things then why is he so fast deleting those pict?




He deleted the post because ARMY attacked and slandered him.


why army? isnt blink fb who spread it and make a fuse?


Don’t nobody gives a fuck about that man. blinks started posting images of her & Stop blaming shit on Armys Or maybe blinks attacked and slandered him after he posted Rosè. Why did he deleted after 2 mins of posting tho? 🫠


stop lying lmao it was a blink who pointed it out


It’s because of privacy reasons, dumbass. One picture can reveal Rosé’s whereabouts and it would be easier for paparazzi or even fans to locate her.

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shes hanging out with her friends, whats wrong with that? why you brought paparazzi here.


You must not know how internet stalking works.

In general if you are a public figure it is unwise to post real-time whereabouts lest you be a target for press or much worse; thieves

Thats how popsmoke was killed and thats how Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris.


Its not privacy because the one that took that pic is one of themselves, not a stalker


It was a fucking expensive ashtray. Because he was being attacked by antis


it was deleted before it even blew up. mf must’ve noticed he fked up seconds after posting it lmao


Are you dumb? If it’s something bad he wouldn’t post it and rose will not pose for the picture 😂 he must be new to k idols fans they are attacking them so he deleted


jennie was literally kissing gay men in a club and grinding on them with her 4ss publicly. do you think this is something of a taboo to bp? LMao those girls unhinged as hell

keoki nuz

No wonder why YG is named for drung scandal cases

keoki nuz

back in bigbang was caught in red handed in drug issues now blackpink rosé.


It clearly isn’t a cocaine, if you zoom in on that part you could see that the white thing is actually part of a metal foot or leg of the glass table, the X part that is actually all the metal foot or leg of the table. Many have said, and some are even real drug users that it doesn’t look like cocaine because of how clean and straight the line is, and the other one is an ashtray. It is Eva Chow’s (LACMA Board Member) house, there a lot of evidences, a photo of the living area that tells that the accusations are wrong.

This case is clearly defamation and so those who accused her of using the illegal substance will pay a huge price on this. As we all know, Rosé is a decent and respectable woman with a clean and rich background. Her family that consist of lawyers, with his grandfather being a judge, her father owning a law firm, and a lawyer sister from Australia, I can only say that they will not take this false rumor lightly, good luck to those who will be put in jail.


OP who posted the photo was pressured to delete the photo because it is a private gathering and he eventually deleted because false rumors were already being created by antis and he was seen with actor Kang Dong Won also.

Color color stan

Blinks proving that the nile is not just a river in egypt 😂


You’re the dumbest one, dumb artist, dumb fandom.
Armys are busy with charts and new bts contents everyday, we have no time to pay attention to your dumb and talentless girls. We prefer waste our time for streaming and buying party. Oh you won’t understand bcs you’re not doing it for your fav. Jisoo even can’t enter hot100, pathetic.


How quick people jump to conclusions & character assassinate an idol based on some random twitter posts. No wonder idols behave the way they do.

Color color stan

Jimins freefall is still higher than any of yur girlies solo so sit down. also armys didn’t spread this but your own breed 😂

Teenaged puppy

Bubbling under artists should not speak on Jimin, have shame

Teenaged puppy

Not crackśe sharing her dieting tips on the table. Skinny queen

puresecte 😢

wow this group keeps messing up lololol


The bit they circled on the right of the table is literally part of the table design? It looks like there’s a white cross on the table as part of the design and it literally leads to that area in exactly the shape they circled, so that’s not cocaine, that’s literally just the table… Don’t have any clue about the ashtray though, may be cocaine or may not

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