Crowd at TWICE’s stadium concert in Japan

Venue: Yanmar Nagai stadium

1. Wow, TWICE is really amazing… Is it much bigger than Tokyo Dome? All I know is Tokyo Dome

2. This is where Big Bang has also held their concerts in the past.. TWICE is daebak

3. Korean girl groups are doing well, maybe TWICE is the only girl group in the world to go around stadiums in both Japan and the US

4. I’m curious how many zeros TWICE have in their bank accounts

5. Wow.. the stadium is so big

6. I’m so jealous.. I wish my idols did dome tour and stadium tour too

7. Japan has a lot of concert halls, so I’m jealous of them

8. TWICE is f*cking popular in Japan

9. TWICE can make a lot of money just touring Japan for a few years

10. TWICE’s popularity in Japan is really amazing

11. They are really popular in Japan

12. Is it bigger than Tokyo Dome??

13. Let’s go to Nissan

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