Crowd at TWICE’s stadium concert in Japan

Venue: Yanmar Nagai stadium

1. Wow, TWICE is really amazing… Is it much bigger than Tokyo Dome? All I know is Tokyo Dome

2. This is where Big Bang has also held their concerts in the past.. TWICE is daebak

3. Korean girl groups are doing well, maybe TWICE is the only girl group in the world to go around stadiums in both Japan and the US

4. I’m curious how many zeros TWICE have in their bank accounts

5. Wow.. the stadium is so big

6. I’m so jealous.. I wish my idols did dome tour and stadium tour too

7. Japan has a lot of concert halls, so I’m jealous of them

8. TWICE is f*cking popular in Japan

9. TWICE can make a lot of money just touring Japan for a few years

10. TWICE’s popularity in Japan is really amazing

11. They are really popular in Japan

12. Is it bigger than Tokyo Dome??

13. Let’s go to Nissan

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spicy spice

but their upcoming concert at metlife stadium was sold out thou.


Cope harder

Ladyboy Lisa

They really securing 2 biggest music market in the world 🤨

Jon Xina

But as of now Twice is the only girl group in the history of music to sell out a major US NFL stadium soooo…what else?

Jon Xina

…To have a shag of Jennie.

Ladyboy Lisa

That’s still too much 😂




congratulations to twice. they deserve all their success and more. always hardworking, humble and resilient ❤️


The admin of this page is still a nasty and vile piece of shit.

One positive post won’t change the fact that you’re running a hate site that platforms and enables bigotry, lies and targeted harassment.


Exactly. The admin have constantly posted targeted harrasment and lies about twice during set me free era. They are just posting this because it’s trending in Korea rn. I know they are crying while seeing it.


Deserved. Years of hard work payed off. Congratulations to twice. What a milestone.


Keep saying this. We know you are crying your heart out while seeing this😂😂😂😂😂


Wasn’t bp tickets are much lesser than twice for their metlife stadium. Not to mention I also heard they were giving free tickets on McD meals…. I wouldn’t have said this if I was you…


their tickets are still more expensive than twice’s. they don’t have a deal with mcd either


Well but I have proof of it. It’s all over twitter. No need to feel embarrassed when you people only did this to yourself while coming for twice unprovoked. Blinks themselves were joying around getting that free McD ticket. It’s their words not mine. And their ticket prices themselves are half of what twice are selling on Ticketmaster. It’s not that hard to see. I don’t hate BP. I hate blinks.


Tankpink could never 😂


Tankpink sleeping with everybody but can’t still achieve this


Do you realise that this stadium has a smaller capacity than tokyo dome? twice, blackpink, snsd and kara all performed in tokyo dome and sold it out, aespa will do it soon. I’d save that if they’re invited to perform on Japan’s National Stadium with


twice rules japan, no doubt.

Last edited 6 months ago by peachy

they do, i’ve never denied that. but sadly they became a token group for armys. they can’t even be congratulated without them mentioning other groups, just not genuine love


Every kpoppies band together to hate BTS and TWICE unprovoked, but when these two groups fans compliment eachother it is suddenly ‘token stanning’. Bfr.

Like Crazy

Biggest gg in the world


saying that while blackpink had to reduce their stadium ticket prices TWO times already just for them to STILL not be sold out.. just like the tickets for hyde park and stade de france.. after MONTHS of them being up for sale. yall blinks truly have no shame whatsoever 😟


There were over 1.2MILLION people in queue. Trying to get tickets the concert was literally announced on multiple airplanes

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