Crowds gathered at NewJeans’ Japan Summer Sonic concert today

It was at 12PM and it was the hottest time of the day, they performed for about 40 minutes on the main stage

Japanese music journalist’s review of NewJeans’ performance

It was said that it was huge enough to be restricted from entering, this is the first time in 10 years

For reference, NewJeans has not officially debuted in Japan yet

Japanese singer Yoasobi
“They were the best”

Ditto is so popular in Japan

1. Wow, Ditto’s chorus gave me goosebumps… NewJeans is daebak

2. I’m curious about the reactions to NewJeans in Japan, but seeing this, they’re a huge hit in Japan

3. I’m really looking forward to NewJeans’ Japan tour

4. NewJeans is seriously popular everywhere, they’re amazing

5. NewJeans is so popular in Japan. I was surprised to learn that all the young girls I met in Japan liked NewJeans

6. If you look at NewJeans’ Japanese music charts, you can understand that

7. They haven’t officially debuted in Japan yet.. NewJeans is really popular

8. I’m so jealous of NewJeans. Everywhere they go, it’s a hot topic

9. I like NewJeans, I hope the kids do better

10. Wow, I think NewJeans will be successful in any country

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