Cumulative domestic YouTube Music streams of male and female idol groups over the past year

Boy groups (2022.1 – 2023.5)

BTS 316 million (1 comeback)
Seventeen 203 million (3 comebacks)
Big Bang 176 million (1 comeback)
NCT Dream 124 million (3 comebacks)
TXT 74 million (2 comebacks)
EXO 66.6 million (0 comeback)
NCT 127 62.4 million (2 comebacks)
Stray Kids 54.4 million (2 comebacks)
Winner 53.8 million (1 comeback)
BTOB 53.2 million (2 comebacks)
MONSTA X 41.5 million (2 comebacks)
SHINee 41.4 million (0 comeback)
BooSeokSoon 32.2 million (1 comeback)
The Boyz 28.9 million (2 comebacks)
ENHYPEN 21.7 million (2 comebacks)
TVXQ 21.4 million times (0 comeback)
Super Junior 17.5 million (3 comebacks)
Treasure 16.1 million (2 comebacks)
ATEEZ 15.7 million (2 comebacks)
2PM 15.6 million (0 comebacks)
Wanna One 10.8 million (0 comebacks)
Highlight 10.5 million (2 comebacks)
Astro 9.42 million (1 comeback)

Girl groups (2022.1 – 2023.5)

NewJeans 526 million (2 comebacks)
IVE 449 million (3 comebacks)
BLACKPINK 379 million (1 comeback)
(G)I-DLE 285 million (3 comebacks)
LE SSERAFIM 247 million (3 comebacks)
Aespa 244.4 million (2 comebacks)
TWICE 164 million (2 comebacks)
Red Velvet 147 million (2 comebacks)
STAYC 118 million (3 returns)
ITZY 124 million (2 comebacks)
SNSD 87.3 million (1 comeback)
fromis_9 78.7 million (2 comebacks)
IZONE 68.9 million (0 comebacks)
NMIXX 62.2 million (3 comebacks)
T-ara 55.9 million (0 comebacks)
Kara 44.5 million (1 comeback)
Mamamoo 42.5 (1 comeback)
Fifty Fifty 41.6 million (1 comeback)
Apink 37.1 million (2 comebacks)
WJSN 27.4 million (1 comeback)
GOT the beat 24.5 million (2 comebacks)
Kep1er 24.4 million (4 comebacks)
Viviz 21.8 million (3 comebacks)
Loona 19.6 million (1 comeback)
Dreamcatcher 16.4 million (3 comebacks)
Billlie 14.7 million (3 comebacks)
Weekly 9.97 million (1 comeback)
CLASS:y 8.2 million (3 comebacks)

1. What’s up with NewJeans?……. They’re daebak

2. BTS is crazy… 300 million for 1 comebackㅋㅋㅋ

3. Even though IZ*ONE has disbanded, they’re still popular

4. NewJeans is amazing

5. BTS is amazing

6. Kingtan

7. BTS and NewJeans are so popular

8. This is the era of girl groups

9. Wow EXO has 0 comeback but they’re amazing

10. NewJeans is daebak

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WhatsThe Point

BTS 316M 613😭💜


you are all about visual. it is shallow and skin deep that’ll change over time.
I am glad that ARMY stan BTS because of their quality musics first and foremost. it’ll last a lifetime just like all those musical legends whose musics still can be heard decades after their death. that’s a legacy and BTS have that.


quality of music 🤣 smooth like butter sure


still better than ditto ditto 😂😂😂
butter was nominated for a grammy & your faves? 😭


butter is a great song, don’t know what kind of gotcha moment you thought you had but, well, it’s not there.. said it once, and I’ll say it as many times as needed, the hate for bts’ english trilogy is so, soo forced like you cannot make this sht up

same people who gag over pot and kettles music are the same ones having the most to say about 3 objectively good songs because *checks notes* they’re in english and focus on good energy rather than deep lyricism. let’s get serious.


I have never heard such BEAUTIFUL autotune before!

Especially Queen Jiminie! 👸


IZ*ONE with 0 comeback though.


larry instead of doing essays on pannkpop about bts everyday, maybe you should try apply a job


BTS taught me to love myself in the face of hate. So no, I won’t change!

Thank you, BTS! I purple you! 😍


bts’s visuals>>>>>>> the whole kpop industry 😘
stay pressed & keep cryibg. ggs insecure & dumb fans will never fail to make me laugh


the future of kpop that barely bring 1% of the company’s profit when bts who are in a hiatus for a year now bring 85% 😂😂😂😂😂😂
sure keep embarrassing yourself


jimin 💜
people who hate him 🖕💩


imagine looking like. 💩🐷 yet still talking about THE BTS!!!!!!!!
bro you need some help asap. seriously bts are ugly & newjeans are pretty ? 😂😂😂😂


pretty girls where? 😂 hyein looks a like a frog, danielle is cringe, hanni is a boring sea girl, minji is blend & haerin is an ugly cat .
you keep setting these girls up & who loves them I am sorry? 😂😂😂
nobody would’ve know them if it wasn’t for bts


bts’s average height is 177cm & average weight is 62kg 😂they are the n1 on the world & have million of fans, sales, awards, achievements & a guge legacy . not to mention that they top the dc callender every year
meanwhile ggs? oh yeah they have white twink fans token stanning & masterbating on their pics after that they drop them & go stan another girl group to hate on successful men they will never relate to


Isn’t twice also have 1 comeback…cause if it is for the last year. Twice only had one cb with b1&2… Where are they getting this second cb from? If they are adding MS to it better add BP’s PV too…


I’m impressed with T-ARA. No comeback and they’re still there.


BTS paved the way to boy group irrelevancy.

Once girls started stanning BTS they realized they were basically stanning a girl group. This has led to girl groups winning over more and more fans who previously ignored them.

Our Queen Jiminie really showed people that wearing a skirt = kpop success.😍

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