Currently, only 3 K-Pop artists can sell over 2 million copies in the first week

BTS (2.75 million copies)

SEVENTEEN (2.06 million copies)

Stray Kids (2 million copies ~ing)

1. Stray Kids and Seventeen have big difference between their domestic popularity and their overseas popularity

2. The difference in digital between BTS and those two groups is huge, but there’s not much difference between the albums ㅋㅋ

3. Wow, Stray Kids is so popular overseas

4. Wow, Stray Kids is getting bigger and bigger

5. Does Stray Kids have many overseas fans?

6. I thought it was BTS, Seventeen and BLACKPINK

7. Didn’t BLACKPINK sell over 2 million copies in the first week?

8. Stray Kids sold 2 million even though I never listened to any of their songs

9. Didn’t NCT sell 2 million copies in the first week?

10. I don’t know any of Stray Kids songs, but they’re selling well

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Bts is the first kpop artist that can sell 2 million copies in the first week and today still they have the highest first week sales. Other groups have huge versions with a cheap price. Don’t talk before sale as bts’ album price with just 2 versions. Bts only organic artist in this list. I’m proud of them and I can’t wait busan concert. It’s almost October 15th.🥳

But I wasn’t done…

BTS is the only organic one

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