Daesang predictions at MAMA 2022 updated in real time

Singer of the Year – IVE

Song of the Year – IVE ‘LOVE DIVE’

Album of the Year – BTS ‘Proof’

1. It depends on the judges anyway

2. It’s still unconfirmed, I don’t know who will get it

3. When I think of Singer of the Year, I only think of IVE

4. If BTS attends, I think they’ll get Singer of the Year and Album of the Year

5. The judge’s score is 40%, so you can’t be sure who will get it

6. The judges will change it

7. IVE wins Singer of the Year, (G)I-DLE wins Song of the Year, BTS wins Album of the Year

8. I don’t know who will get it because the judge’s score is 40% and the score difference is not big

9. IVE will get Song of the Year and BTS will get Album of the Year, and Singer of the Year will be decided by the judges

10. I think Singer of the Year can be changed

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