Did you see BLACKPINK Jennie doing ‘V’ on the ‘Shut Down’ stage?

Did you see Jennie doing ‘V’ on the ‘Shut Down’ stage?

There’s a lot of evidence that she and V are dating, I bet she knows about her dating rumors

Why did she do ‘V’ on the ‘Shut Down’ stage? Doesn’t she know that it reminds people of BTS V?

Looks like she wants to make it obvious

People are saying that she was making fun of the antis and bragging that V is hers

She’s getting a lot of hates, so I personally think she shouldn’t have done this

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The delusion😭 she’s just doing a peace sign that literally everybody does. She did it before the rumors and now she has to stop because crazy ass people will ship her with Taehyung? Dumb behavior 💀


WTF that just a peace sign you stupid!
This writer name is HYBEBOY??? Are you 12 years old or what??? Please have a brain 🙄


That V sign.. is also for peace and Koreans use that a lot lol whatever.

I can’t believe I’m defending her… over his.


Are you OK in the head???? Wth is this??? Pffffft I can’t hahahhahahaha now idols can’t do the peace sign bc it reminds them of taehyung. Mental case I tell you


Next post “did you guys see Jennie said she’s Very glad to see her fans…jeez we get it already don’t have to slip his name into every sentence she says 😑”

Jj dw

Omggg u did not just write that yall r trolling right

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Bring back discuss

Pannkpop why are you letting trolls write for your website


so she has to stop making an universally used hand sign cus there are silly rumors about her dating life?lol you are dumb and should delete this shitty post, everyone making the peace sign is gonna be dating V then, from now on lol delete this shit and have some shame and leave Jennie tf alone


Obsessed like her stupid fans


last time I checked your fandom speaks on bp everyday without fail even if it means ignoring hyung line’s solo works cmon now ain’t nobody worried about y’all or your faves.


I always do peace signs, am I dating V?😱😱😱😱😱🥺😱🥺

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lord have mercy ppl are being so annoying


Blonks are so pathetic holy shit. Stop being so obsessed with BTS and go buy your girlies album instead, they seems to need it with how they flopped in charts


Dumbest fans I’ve ever seen. I can’t handle it this stupid things. Just get out of your mouth bts ot any bts memver. You guys really wanna dating rumors bp w bts. You tryba doing it. But in reality you are losers 😂


So any one in here can date with tae right now 🤡


ppl in this comment section are almost as retarded as the OP lmfaoo why are y’all assuming this person is a Jennie’s fan? is obviously more like a troll


You really, really should consider headbutting a wall until your head caves in


I really doubt if these posts are written by blinks and armys maybe a young kiddo trying to bring down both groups

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