Did you see what Irene just posted on Instagram?

1. She looks natural but still pretty

2. I want to live with that face for just one day

3. She’s seriously so pretty

4. If it wasn’t for her scandal, she would have been more famous and successful, but this is a case of her kicking her luck, but it seems like she’s still living well…

5. A world where you will be forgiven if you are pretty

6. She looks like an ajumma who is 33 years old

7. But Seulgi is definitely so pretty

8. She doesn’t look pretty anymore because of her scandal

9. I’m not a fan and she reminds me of the controversy, but she’s seriously pretty.. I can’t help but admit it

10. When I think of Irene, the only thing that comes to my mind is her controversy

11. As expected, she’s so pretty

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