“Didn’t Jungkook fans who are targeting the Calvin Klein ambassador downvote this post?” LE SSERAFIM Kazuha’s new Calvin Klein photoshoot

Kazuha’s new Calvin Klein photoshoot

[+111, -52]

1. [+23, -13] Ha… I really like Kazuha, I really like her innocent yet chic vibe

2. [+21, -9] It’s funny how the Pann girls are downvoting this postㅋㅋ

3. [+14, -12] I can see Suzy in the last photo

4. [+8, -0] Didn’t Jungkook fans who are targeting the Calvin Klein ambassador downvote this post?

“Calvin Klein & Jungkook”

5. [+7, -5] These are ambiguous….

6. [+6, -4] It suits her so well

7. [+4, -4] Even Kazuha’s aura is so pretty

8. [+1, -3] Jennie’s photos are better

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Jungkook fans busy in voting i heart awards and other votings lol 🤣


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It's whatever

I can assure you that jk stans doesn’t care about any other idol that it’s not jk, he got us very busy celebrating records and voting on awards

Color color stan

More like it’s seoul cycle fans cause they’re gatekeeping brands their girl endorsed cause she might lose her main influencer job


Worry about insta baddie dating that girl instead

mother dozen

you do not bring up dating lives when you stan jennie lol


in your dream


Not many kblinks in Korea, and Jennie also often got hate train in pann nate. So how do you think kblinks/jennie fans will mass down voted kazuha’s post when they didn’t even vote for bp/jennie in music show lol. And you also can see in this comment section whose fandom with many hatefull comments here lol.


You don’t need to comment in order to downvote. Some people just downvoted and left.


Jennie’s fans, more likely. They did the same thing to Jungkook too when CK people followed him on insta.


This, jennie stans are always like that, bashing ppl who are modelled after their brands. Insecure much, lol

mother dozen

all blackpink solo fandoms and blinks attack other ambassadors. as a suzy fan, jisoo fans relentlessly attacked her for her participation with dior. jennie fans literally led a hate train against minji and they said the most vile things about her. i thought it was funny when calvin klein, that bastard of a brand, tweeted out “let’s all be kind <3” and blinks and jennie fans immediately blamed jungkook fans and armys when none of us even knew about jennie working with ck. they got insecure and started getting hit tweets calling her the face of ck and when armys clapped back, they played victim like always. congrats to kazuha and i know she’ll clear miss broken ankles but i hope jungkook stays far away from ck, what a clout chasing brand.


They are notorious for this shit hence why the title of this post is so weird. Jungkook deleted his instagram is probably for the best since brands won’t get free clouts just by following him.


Not a fan of Jennie but I can assure you army started it about ck.


While there has been recent talks in ARMY spaces abt wanting to see JK with the brand, there’s also generally little care abt who else gets signed on too. So, I doubt it, unless there was smt more going on.


Armshit patheticly begging the brands to take him just for jennie to landed another campaign deal with them. Karma is a blinks


Btch go worry abt seoul cycle’s next target.


Blinks really think those brands wouldn’t want the biggest group in the world as ambassadors y’all are so funny 😭

mother dozen

jungkook could do nothing and still be more relevant than jennie’s millions of shirtless campaigns. if he ever does sign with ck (even if i don’t want him to), you’ll see what real brand power is when he gets millions of likes and sells out everything which is a normal tuesday for him but would seem completely impossible for jennie and her rabid fans.


It’s insecure Jennie’s stans who did it

Ladyboy lisa

Lol blinks trying hard

Big Juicy Meat

Calvin Klein are meant for mens to wear especially Oppa Jungcock to hung his meat. 🍆🤤💦


Jungkook fans are busy watching him live for hours until he slept 🤣


we do nothing and still get dragged smh


Jungkook stan doesn’t care about this lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 IDIOT OPINION 🤣🤣🤣 JUNGKOOK STAN BUSY VOTING, STREAMING, WAITING JUNGKOOK LIVE 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Why would army worry about a new FEMALE ambassador? Lol that too 4th gen? I would understand if it was a guy. Wouldn’t another female ambassador fans get scared that their fav would loose the title? SMH always dragging us for no reason

dot com bubble

8. [+1, -3] Jennie’s photos are better

The real suspect is literally right there lol


gg stans on pann loves to hate girl group members but they’re blaming on Jungkook stans instead ☠️


Jungkook fans just want to see him naked. Instead of an album he should release a porn video. That’s what his fans want anyways


Zuha’s partnership with CK was announced WAYY before Jungkook’s possible endorsement was even in discussion. So no, there’s literally no need for Jungkook’s fans to act up, actually.

Though I must say it’s quite funny to see pann girls trying to blame their hate bonner against Le Sserafim on ARMYs, like, we see who yall are… Be serious for once 😭

K army

Jungkook fans don’t have time for that trival things and don’t even care also …. We are busy with jk only


I can’t see Suzy in her anymore. Maybe there’s time she looks like Suzy but not all the time.


we do nothing & get involved in stupid 💩😂


and what made u think jungkook fans care about this gurl??


or all ur other gurls???
gg stans are so pathetic damn

Saint Seungri

Kazuha sexy , Jungcock is hairy ajumma 🙂 eeeww

Faggot Pigmin

And nothing for nosecock again.😂 No brands would like to collaborate with him. Ouch


Free jungkook from idiot antis. He’s living his life off social media thank god.


They have been like this since years. They would force bts everywhere, there are reason why people say bts only succeed bcs of SNS

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