Dior Korean Ambassadors


BTS Jimin

2PM Junho

Kim Yuna

EXO Sehun

Ju Ji Hoon

Astro Cha Eunwoo

NewJeans Haerin

1. Yuna and Cha Eunwoo are really gorgeous.. Dior is perfect for them

2. Jimin is elegant and pretty

3. For me, Jisoo and Cha Eunwoo are perfect for Dior

4. I think of Yuna and Cha Eunwoo

5. Haerin looks so pretty, she suits Dior so well

6. Jisoo, Yuna, and Cha Eunwoo are perfect for Dior

7. I really like Jisoo and Yuna. They fit Dior’s elegant image

8. Jisoo is perfect for Dior γ… γ… 

9. Wow, Haerin’s picture is so pretty

10. Congratulations to Haerin, the youngest member of the Dior family

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jimin πŸ’œ_____πŸ’œ

Anyway I didn’t know Junho is also part of Dior ambassadors.


Jimin, the most elegant and kind man..

Jimin is the dance king being the 1st & only k-artist to be the recipient of 3 National Awards
– Plaque of appreciation
– Order of Cultural Merit
– Van Fleet Award

Jimin is legendary prod, being 1st & Only BTS member to have 2 song nominated for Gaon for song of Year

jimin is the king of iTunes with the most songs #1 in #118 countries, fastest songs to reach #1, king of Spotify, being 1st k-soloist going #1 on global daily charts, king of billboard with being the 1st & only k-soloist #1 on bb hot 100, king of Soundcloud with most stream song

jimin has a billion other records, stop limiting his skills & impact

Anddd jimin is an ambassador of Dior πŸ”₯

Support trans Lisa

Haerin, I love you so much! My Haerin.


Such a downgrade from eun woo to jimin ☠️ hybe money?


are you dumb? nobody gaf about blend & boring eunwoo lmao . he made dior flop so bad! thanks God jimin came to upgrade it & save it lol . he made dior sees the biggest rise in sales & stocks since 1992 πŸ’…unlike enwoo who made it tank so bad πŸ˜‚


Sure THE JIMIN needs hybe’s money to but him deals 😭


It’s actually the total opposite because Dior didn’t see anything with eunwoo but it saw a HUGE jump with Jimin
. In fact I did not know that Eunwoo is dior’s embassador until now but I knew that Jimin is


jimin is the only relevant one here πŸ€— he made dior sees the biggest rise in sales & stocks since 1992 πŸ’…


You have these beautiful people and then there’s Jimin and Haerin. Short, unattractive and solely there because of their popularity/company’s influence.

lili lover



Jimin is so ugly 😭

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