Dispatch and their new year couple tradition

As the New Year is approaching once again the rumours about the dispatch’s new years couples are taking rounds on SNS too. 

K-pop fans claims that they hate this culture but many seems to accept that they look forward to it as their guilty pleasure. They know it’s very wrong of dispatch to do so but they really can’t help but look forward to this news which is like a tradition every new year. Regardless, it’s also known now that dispatch has kind of discontinued their new year couple thing since 2020. This year too the couple they revealed were posted on 2nd of January and not 1st and it didn’t stir any chaos in kpop scene as well.

The chaos k-pop fans remember to have from dispatch couple news were from Jennie-Kai (the last new years couple that were revealed) and Jihyo-Daniel. Currently both of these couples have broken up. 

Momo-Heechul were never revealed by dispatch. Even tho many claims they were the dispatch new year couple for 2020 but that’s far from truth. 

Dispatch sure is very notorious on these things but from 2020-2022 we can see that they are not revealing any couple in new years and have been only revealing actors or 2nd gen idols. From this prediction it’s kind of an assumption that they once again will not reveal any couple on new years or maybe will reveal another actor dating news.

Korea is still a country which is quite possessive about idols dating news. They don’t like when any female or male idol date while being in a group. The Korean fandoms have many times agreed on this point that they don’t like it or are turned off by a group or their bias if they are dating around. The Korean trolls are also looking for such opportunities to make that idol their very own new punching bags. So it’s comman for k-pop companies to pay dispatch to settle the news for their artists. 

Well this was on the ending note but do you think this year is there gonna be any new dispatch couple? And who do you want to be revealed (which idol do you want to be revealed)?

Personally I don’t think dispatch are going to reveal any new years couple and on second question. It’s kind of complicated so I can’t say it.

Looking forward to your answers…

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Who last year?

Dot com

I think it was a member of T-ara with an athlete? But I’m not sure if it was for new yr or some time later


Yeah, that’s correct.


what we can be sure of Dispatch would not release anything about idols that worked with them for D’Festa concert and magazine/photobook.


Yeahh its like give and take…. I dont think they gonna reveal anyone from hybe. SM n YG have higher chance to get revealed.


But from Sm, NCT too participated in this dfesta content.
I think groups other than those who participated have much higher chances but I hope it doesn’t happen if that idol is in high risk of a huge backlash from the knetz.

Dot com

For sure, all of them are secure as long as they have exclusive contract with dispatch


Idc if I get downvotes but Dispatch is fucking shit for stalking celebrities and exposing their relationships to the public as a “tradition” knowing there’d be immense backlash.

And people who anticipate the “new year’s couple” are fucking weird cause I bet these people only care about the drama and do not care at all about the celebrity exposed. Notice how their relationships mostly end the moment they’re revealed to the public. Fans just end up hating on both parties.

And to people saying it’s okay for Dispatch to do this because it should be normalized, gtfom There are better ways to normalize celebrities dating than having a gossip website expose their private lives by stalking them in the dark and in their apartments. Stfu.


Its already that time of the year huh
Time flow fast


dispatch fell off because companies started paying them hush money.

don’t expect any idol couples

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Im thinking it was supposed to be song joonki this year but he announced it ahead of dispatch reveal

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