Do IVE fans really think they’re above Aespa?

Why are they so arrogant?

[+68, -98]

1. [+192, -29] I don’t know where you heard about this, but IVE’s songs are much better when muggles listen to them

2. [+80, -8] Why are you saying that fans are arrogant when they think their idols are the best? Isn’t that natural? Looks like you want to turn IVE’s fandom into an arrogant fandom. If you’re jealous, you should buy albums and stream your idol’s songs

3. [+64, -13] I don’t know about the group’s popularity, but Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin chewed Aespa in Korea.. Just look at their video views

4. [+26, -3] IVE songs are more suitable for muggles to listen to

5. [+24, -3] But I don’t think IVE ranks below Aespa..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+19, -1] If you look at the digital, isn’t IVE overwhelming?

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Legend bitch

Mys getting arrogant huh


lmao ive only have like what 2 comeback and their fans already think they are superior

lin xuan

only 2 comeback and already better than your hoes


No daesang no opinion


But ive digital charts with only 2 comebacks are better than aespa tho? The reason why ive ranks higher on chart than aespa is because their song is liked by the public too not just their own fans, of course with wonyoung and yujin’s popularity too esp yujin became the fixed cast on na pd’s new varshow, it will gain more public recognition for the group

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Ive has Better songs and organic


for the song quality its fkin obvious IVE level is beyond aespa sh*tty cult song 😭


IVE >>>>>> the song, aesthetic more normal and enjoyable meanwhile aespa song like cult weirdos lyric unrelatable hymne, product of SM obsession of their cult


isn’t mjh’s gg coming out in fall? & yg ngg next year? iland 2 for ngg? remember how itzy was talked abt all the time & then stayc & weeekly came out. now no one talks abt weeekly. itzy/ stayc a bit less. when soumu ngg came out, no one talked abt aespa/ stayc for more than a month, but soumu ngg isn’t doing well outside their niche fanbase. the scandal already repelled all those who were turned off & gp stopped commenting/ looking up/ bothering abt ls, only their fans & passing gps doing the rabid hype spam & calling out the spam thing. In a few months, when yg ngg & mhj ngg comes out, the dynamics will shift again. until it settles, it’s pointless pretending aespa> ive. they (aespa) may well become a rv no. 3 or an ikon big comp & pushed for a few years bef faltering.

given how 4/5 mhj ngg members’ pics & names are out on namuwiki & the pool of yg ngg pics & background are alr known, unless they debut or find another ella gross, ive is prob gg to take the lead. the mhj line is on par w aespa (mhj line quite pre-plastic kim goeun esque like in ptd extras vs aespa plastic type); depends on preference & hybe can defn go against sm’s mediaplay & spam 5x as many xxx is a visual post. yg ngg is frankly at giselle’s lvl (ella is somehow not in the pool or maybe bcs trains separately?) but the entire pool was on par w aespa pre-debut so, yg + knife= bp 2.0.


mhj new gg is releasing something on the 22nd this month actually~ follow their ig alldoorsoneroom


I saw that Moon Sua or however her name is spelled from mhj group and I don’t how she got in. Average dancer and no visuals, I doubt she can sing. 3/5 from fx were pretty, Sulli and Vic were beautiful af, these girls are basic af on the other hand. The least you could have done is give us S and V level of visuals if you were gonna copy fx, Mhj.


moon sua? isn’t she a member of billie? or they have the same name?


But its true that ive is above aespa in every category except for physical aespa sell 900k . But bevore aespa’s girls album . Love dive was the best selling 4th gen gg in hanato and in gaon . But I don’t think IVE will lead since aespa have SM and they invested in aespa a lot they will try harder .


The way these aespa fans are moving makes me think that they’ve self proclaimed their girls are at the level of Blackpink or twice when they are nowhere near them they have to surpass itzy first I guess, and the only thing that mys can brag about are their cheap album sales


They pissed alot of gg stan especially blinks lmaoo goodluck on them they will never be free from them.


Ive is above ,the group is more listenable than aespa.


Stage presence
Ive>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wall>>> aesplastic

Aespa is unbearable to watch


IVE has better songs in my opinion as a casual listener to both groups.


IVE is nowhere near Aespa’s level.
IVE’s Love Dive have good digital, but Next Level is way better.
Love Dive have 6 digipack version with 3 normal version and still only sell 330k on the first week while Aespa with 5 version digipack with 2 normal version and sold 800k on the first day. The comparison isn’t needed. Aespa > IVE.
Also Aespa didn’t used 40M ads view to increase their number.

I’m actually curious in what way you think it’ll better considering IVE were #1 on Melon monthly


well they don’t need to be the biggest. they just need to keep releasing good music that all people can enjoy, because honestly IVE is the only 4th gen gg I can always trust when it comes to music. for a group that’s not from Big 4, they’re doing extremely well. other groups are lucky IVE is not from Big 4

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