Do you agree that Big Bang is seriously the best group ever?

Aside from Big Bang’s controversy, they were seriously the best group ever

From Lies, Last Farewell, Haru Haru, Bang Bang Bang to Fantastic Baby, all their other songs and even remakes like Sunset Glow, their solo songs and b-sides, their songs are all super hits

YG must’ve earned an overwhelming amount of money

But their image has been ruined because of the members’ scandals

Yet, they came back with Still Life and dominated the charts again

Do you agree that Big Bang is seriously the best group ever?

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What? It’s a joke? XD



Bring back discuss

These new admins are embarrassing lmaoo




As much as some newbies might get triggered, it’s no question that BIGBANG is easily in the conversation for the greatest K-Pop band. Separate the art from the artist, everything aside BIGBANG’s influence on the industry is too big. From setting trends like lightsticks, unique and innovative sounds, fashion and colourful hair, mini albums, sub-units, international collabs, first Hip Hop idol group with a rapline, so on and so forth to having an unmatched streak if influential hit songs which propelled Hallyu forward.

Not only that, G-Dragon wrote and produced all of BIGBANG’s Korean work and opened the doors for idols to be self-controlling artists. Impact wise, there is little debate as to who has influenced the GENRE to develop and move forward artistically more than BIGBANG. Lastly, their relevancy and admiration amongst their juniors and so far into their careers speaks for itself. No group has ever had that level of admiration from different idols, who have repeatedly cited BIGBANG as their greatest inspiration or at least a huge one.

I know people don’t want to hear this and want to make excuses but BTS, BLACKPINK, Winner, iKon, Seventeen, IU, Hwasa, Block B, GOT7, G-Friend, etc etc., have all cited major inspiration from them. And no other 2nd Generation group has that level of relevancy and dominance still. Look at Girl’s Generation. An absolute LEGENDARY girl group who recently made a comeback after so many years yet still didn’t manage to top the charts. Look at BIGBANG though. After all the scandals and so-called “career destroying” 5 years, they came back and dominated the charts WITHOUT PROMOTION.

Lol, these newbies can downvote as much as they want and this site can be as ANTI-BIGBANG as they want but there’s no question that BIGBANG is easily in this conversation. The disrespect to the legends who actually changed the game lmao. Oh and here you go.


lmao you really need bts validation to ”prove” they are the best by posting this? lmao pathetic


Lmaoooo. This is exactly what I wanted to prove. Armies were pretty sure that oMg BTS doEsn’T suRRouND themSELveS wiTH “CriMiNaL gROuP” for years now. And as soon as we see them posting pics with members of BIGBANG , each fan is backtracking saying that “oh so what? do you need BTS validation?” Lol just stop, hypocrites. I shared this picture because this site is entirely filled by Anti-BIGBANG Armys and I wanted to show how deluded the toxic side of their fandom is by acting like BIGBANG isn’t even in the conversation while their own favs are hanging out with them (which is a wholesome thing btw).

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