Do you guys agree that BLACKPINK is the one top girl group of all time?

Do you guys agree that BLACKPINK is the one top girl group of all time?

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1. [+257, -43] Isn’t BLACKPINK at the top in terms of digital, album, tour scale, number of CFs, members’ solos, etc.? For the kids who are denying this, which group has better results than BLACKPINK?

2. [+231, -17] When it comes to the one top girl groups of all time, you have to include 2nd generation girl groups, but the standard is different from 2nd generation, and it’s meaningless to compare groups from different generationsㅋㅋ If you look at the 3rd generation, it’s true that they are at the one top though

3. [+221, -18] Among the 3rd generation female idols, it’s true that BLACKPINK is the girl group with the highest results and is still going in the long-run. They’re still mentioned in the featured talks as if they were the current generation idolsㅋㅋ

4. [+208, -19] Isn’t it the fact that BLACKPINK is the one top of the 3rd generation?ㅋㅋ So among the 3rd generation female idols, who has better results than BLACKPINK?

5. [+139, -169] BLACKPINK’s Korean fandom is too weak and they didn’t get any Daesang

6. [+119, -3] They will be the first K-pop group to headline at a festival in the UK~

7. [+108, -87] Isn’t it SNSD?

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Blackpink is an incredibly talented K-pop group that has successfully paved the way for the genre on a global scale.


damn… yg’s paying random SEA monkeys to lie


Monkey is more beautiful than your plastic face


You are right. They spread “misogyny” to the global arena. Blackpink: sing lyrics belittling other women that were written for them by a 40 year old man
Blinks: queens😁
like y’all don’t care about misogyny at all give it up

Woman: has a fringe
Blinks: why is she trying to be like lisa🤬
Women: best selling kpop gg of all time
Blinks: let’s belittle them and their achievements 24/7 because we’re bitter losers
let’s not even mention how y’all treat women who stan bgs (PARTICULARLY male blinks)

That’s what blonks like lvhjvbklblk



Grace Walker

Explain how they paved the way? The road was already paved before BP.


They are. THEY ARE THE BIGGEST GIRLGROUP that no one even comes close.


lol gp dont even know who blackpink is 😭😭 yg mediaplay really be clogging ur minds atp

Teenaged puppy

A high school talent show has more talent than Mediapink


The one saying SNSD is wrong. They’re only top in Korea. Blackpink is top girl group globally.

Just No

you are embarrassing


They are literally the biggest Girl group in the world lol.


In what? They have no real achievement. Twice has the most records and achievement so technically they should be biggest girlgroup right now. Nobody knows bp outside of kpop, they flop despite the massive mediaplay, yet you cringey fans insist on calling them that hoping that you can decieve people to believe it. it’s pathetic. Just accept that they have lost releancy and the mediaplay isn’t enough. nobody knew coachella was happening because no big names were announced, they still haven’t sold out their concert yet. They bought awards from vma and the show had the lowest viewership. They flop with whoever they collab with, they are untalented.

Teenaged puppy

The world= SEA


They won vmas, lisa had 1 in all biggest music markets. They6sold out stadiums in Europe.. Don’t always say sea when 80% kpop is relying on them including ur oppas

Teenaged puppy

No this bitch ain’t just say a VMA. Kys
BP struggles to sell out stadiums that suspiciously sell out after months the day of the concert… if at all. Twice is pulling in better demand than BP in the US. They had to sell their album for $3 bucks just to sell 100k… like the demand is not there in the west and yawl need to accept that.

Oh and that stadium….. still not sold out ijbol

Last edited 5 months ago by Teenaged puppy

For u the world is korea

Teenaged puppy

How so, when my faves are relevant everywhere and are the only ones dominating the US for at least 7 years unchallenged




Spice girls and Destiny Child literally existed at one point. Idc if you don’t support me but they are only seems big cause of sns era and that’s that.


The most overhyped and overrated girl group. Sure. No creativity, no diversity, same formulaic mindless songs releases 2 years apart so that the repeated music doesn’t become obvious. Talentless hags jisoo and jennie with no passion or work ethic but YG media play definitely keeps their career afloat. Also a conversation needs to be had about how these dozens barely sell 2 million albums even after all their fandom hype while I can name 5-6 boy groups who are comfortably selling more than them >>


What real accomplishments do these girls have? Nothing in their home country and nothing that doesn’t have “female” in front of it in the west. They’re not a blimp on anyone’s list of top 10 female groups in the west. Stop the media play.


Y’all are women downplaying “female” accomplishments how pathetic that is.


But wait… yawl are women/twinks trying to assert yourselves over other women with better results than your girlies. Why not be happy for the female leaders that had bigger impact and notoriety than blackpink than just trying to claim that spot for yourselves undeservingly.

Every day blink show they have no actual concept of feminism.


another day, another desperate attempt by blinks to cope with the fact that everyone’s tired of their fandom and their mediaplay, payola favs

what’s next? another post by blinks about how pretty jennie is and how she hasn’t changed? and how everyone else is just a jelaous hater 💀💀


“among the 3rd generation female idols, who has better results than BLACKPINK?”
Twice does. More sales and more streams.


Of all time? Over Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child and TLC? Absolutely not.

Just No

bp literally have none of the accolades that a big group needs

If twice or snsd still have them beat then they’re just a successful group, not the top one

Album sales?
Any historical significant achievement?
Intangible achievements such as ngg in korea?


Well what other girl group can compete with them specially when their latest release keep pulling bigger numbers than their previous one or who’s getting the bigger debut on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, billboard charts & album sales? Exactly, argue with your mother idk!


Very brave for a group that can’t out stream 4th gen ggs never mind out chart them. BP is nothing without sea streaming farms. Btw… stadium still not sold out 🤷🏼‍♀️


South Korea president said they r big, amerika first lady invited them france invited them. All ceos of big 3 amd hybe and all idols including ur favs said they are BIGG. NOW GO CRY. LISA can single handedly hold all these groups under her palm

Jennie’s flat ass

How much coke did you do? Goddamn

Last edited 5 months ago by Jennie’s flat ass
Jennie’s flat ass

Not even top 20 in impact. No one will say a word of remembrance of tankpink in 10/20 years. A passing fad

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