Do you have any songs to listen to when it gets cold?

I’m wanting to listen to songs that are perfect for this weather on my way to work

Just write down the songs…

1. Lovelyz ‘Twinkle’

2. Red Velvet ‘Psycho’….

3. IU ‘Merry Christmas In Advance’

4. NU’EST ‘If We’

5. Please listen to The Boyz ‘Candles’

6. Kwon Jin Ah ‘The night’

7. Jung Seung Hwan ‘The Snowman’

8. BLACKPINK ‘Stay’ is perfect for this weather

9. NCT U ‘From Home’

10. Astro ‘When The Wind Blows’

11. OH MY GIRL ‘Secret Garden’

12. Infinite ‘Lately’

13. Day6 ‘Goodbye winter’

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