Do you think IVE or Aespa is the one top girl group of the 4th generation?

IVE vs Aespa

Honestly, do you think IVE or Aespa is the one top girl group of the 4th generation?

[+39, -33]

1. [+51, -11] IVE

2. [+46, -9] Looking at the trend now, it’s IVE

3. [+40, -14] MAMA Artist of the Year prediction. IVE is better than Aespa

4. [+32, -23] Wow, Aespa fans are saying that they’re the one top girl groupㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+29, -7] IVE

6. [+14, -3] I’m a fan of male idols, but looking at their results this year, it’s IVE

7. [+14, -4] It’s IVE

8. [+10, -10] NewJeans

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idk I think both are the top at the moment , feels too early to say who the top girl group of 4th gen rn cause most girlgroups rn hits off really well right after debut , need to look how well they are going to do once they are on their third/fourth year . If they are still doing well just like rn , they are the top 4th gen gg


I agree its tooo early to decide who is the best in 4thgen but lets be honest this year IVE is way better in terms of results and impact and if you compare any aespa song lets take there biggest hit(next level) with any ive song and compare them globally in international charts ive songs are much more successful


Agree, most of 4th gen gg that leading rn have 3 TTs that doing so well on charts for each 1st rookie year, in the 2nd year the charts doesn’t look really good but not that bad and the fandom getting bigger.


I agree. It’s also important to note that some new girl groups for the fourth generation haven’t debuted yet like I-LAND and YGE.


Who is i land? From which company? And I heard that yg will debut 2 gg 1 from yg and 1 from black label(teddy)


enhypen’s company , belift , a company that is formed between hybe and cj entertainment


Aespa music is garbage


op must be ive’s fan… hahaha
before there was itzy, last year it was definitely espa, this year ive, next year no one knows for sure.

so … do not be too proud or arrogant, because nothing lasts forever.

peace yo!!!


2021: aespa
2022: IVE
2023: ?


Maybe yg new girl group or teddy girl group🦦


This year its IVE


IVE >>>> aespa is nonsense group w pathetic lyric song full.of cringe and delusion, i.dont get it why theyre so popular. their song, their choreo are all sounds cheap and trashy


Aespa is being mediaplayed not that popular. they are such a fraud group.

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