Does ILLIT copy NewJeans Haerin’s ‘diamond heart’?

ILLIT, is this plagiarism…?

NewJeans Haerin ‘diamond heart’

1. No, but ‘diamond heart’ existed before NewJeans, right…?

2. Are they idiots for still arguing that NewJeans did it first? The problem isn’t that NewJeans did it first. The problem is that everything about ILLIT is copying NewJeans

3. The diamond pose has been around since Produce but Haerin changed it to heart

4. Oh Sehun also copied that heart at the event

5 Even when I typed diamond heart on Naver, the only person that appeared was Haerin


7. There is so much overlap that I have nothing to say

8. She said it was a signature she created

9. Please stop, it’s a heart that’s been around for a long time,,,,,,,,, This is a photo from 2015

10. Isn’t this EXO’s heart?

11. Are you crazy?? So even breathing is plagiarism?

12. Wasn’t Haerin the first to make the transition from diamond to heart shape?

13. Seriously, stop it

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