“Does she have the skills to go solo?” Netizens talk about Red Velvet Irene debuting as a solo artist soon

Red Velvet Irene will debut as a solo artist soon

This was the logo for Irene’s birthday party

It’s the same logo style as Irene-Seulgi, Joy and Wendy

She also performed her unreleased solo song at her birthday party

1. Wow I’m not a fan but I’m curious about the album

2. Does she have the skills to make a solo debut?

3. She still have fans after her power trip scandal…

4. Wow the logo is so pretty

5. Irene’s fans must be happy.. She will still debut solo even though the public has turned their backs on her

6. Isn’t Irene the least important member of Red Velvet? Can she make a solo debut?

7. I don’t care if she makes a solo debut or not. I just think of her power trip scandal when I see her now

8. If she goes solo, she won’t do well.. The fans will buy a lot of albums, but that seems to be the end

9. I hate Irene

10. For real? Does she have the skills to go solo?

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