“Does she have the skills to go solo?” Netizens talk about Red Velvet Irene debuting as a solo artist soon

Red Velvet Irene will debut as a solo artist soon

This was the logo for Irene’s birthday party

It’s the same logo style as Irene-Seulgi, Joy and Wendy

She also performed her unreleased solo song at her birthday party

1. Wow I’m not a fan but I’m curious about the album

2. Does she have the skills to make a solo debut?

3. She still have fans after her power trip scandal…

4. Wow the logo is so pretty

5. Irene’s fans must be happy.. She will still debut solo even though the public has turned their backs on her

6. Isn’t Irene the least important member of Red Velvet? Can she make a solo debut?

7. I don’t care if she makes a solo debut or not. I just think of her power trip scandal when I see her now

8. If she goes solo, she won’t do well.. The fans will buy a lot of albums, but that seems to be the end

9. I hate Irene

10. For real? Does she have the skills to go solo?

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She atleast has more skills than jisoo the dozen and is prettier than her. If the biggest dozen in kpop can go solo then Irene who has amazing dance skills and a decent voice can surely debut as a solo artist.


I think we established in the subunit that Irene does have skills lmao. But i wonder wht concept they’ll go for with her


If Josoo has a solo why not


why not? even jisoo and jimin can go solo


the way you tried to sneak jimin there, be so astronomically serious 😭 that man is an outstanding dancer, has a great voice, writes and composes his own shit, and doesn’t shy away from getting involved in the production either. he’s miles away from your little dozens, stop playing just because you’re bitter


Has a great voice? LMFAO.


yes, has a great voice. do I have to repeat myself? the way I’ve seen your comment coming from miles away since you’re always on this man’s case.. we all know how much jimin praise irks your bitter soul, too bad it won’t change facts 🥱


If jisoo, the dozen mother of kpop.can go solo, anyone can go solo now


Her career not being dead is proof that people are full of shit when they say female idols face more consequences

Color color stan

Nowadays it just seems like gg stans love to weaponize the “if it was a female idol…” it’s true female idols get more criticism easily but it’s so annoying to always use that argument


I mean she would’ve been fully ended if she was found doing drugs, or physically/s*xually @ssaulting someone.
Lets not pretend male privilege isn’t real.


Male idols get ruined for those things too…


nah if jisoo went solo with no skills whatsoever, literally anybody can debut as a soloist. best of luck to Irene

Grace Walker

The difference Jisoo, fanbase is bigger than Irene’s.


yeah but the question was regarding their personal skills, not whose fanbase is bigger


It’s at least going to sell somewhat decently. Out of RV’s solo fan clubs Irenebar has always been carrying our sales.
I’m not an Irene biased Luvie but I know that much.


If Jisoo and Jimin can, then Irene can definitely go solo

Slvthyung is being passed around by wooga like a b

Irene 🤩

Slvthyung is being passed around by wooga


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