Dorms of girl groups from small and medium agencies revisited with FIFTY FIFTY

Gangnam apartment rent was 3.3 million won for a 3 bedroom + 2 washrooms

Two bunk beds are placed in one narrow room in an old narrow apartment, there was nowhere to move

Eight people sleeping on futons in one room, mold on the walls

The accommodation is underground, substitute curtains with silver foil

Even NewJeans, the hottest girl group these days, is sharing 2 bedrooms

1. Maybe NewJeans didn’t use their own room just for teamwork?

2. They’re so greedy

3. When my bias group debuted, even though it was a big company, 7 people shared one room

4. Even though GFriend was treated like this, they worked hard and succeeded, but their agency betrayed them

5. Seriously, I’m just a fan of idols from big companies, but this time I was surprised when I heard about FIFTY FIFTY’s dorm

6. Seriously… Even before revealing BLACKPINK to the public, they said that they were living in a dorm with bugs inside

7. Even big agencies don’t treat rookie idols like that

8. Seeing this makes me even more upset

9. They treat them so well that they’re taken for granted

10. They are so ungrateful

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