During BTS concert, 503,000 people visited Busan

About 358,000 women and 145,000 men visited Busan during BTS concert

1. I’ve lived in Busan for 30 years, I’ve never seen so many foreigners in the city and on the subway

2. On the day of the concert, I went to Jeju Island and there were foreign ARMYs there

3. So let’s do more BTS concerts in Korea

4. Seriously, there were a lot of foreigners and people wearing purple clothes on the subway at that time

5. Busan station was crazy at that time

6. My mother runs a pork soup restaurant in a residential area in Busan, and she bragged to her daughter that ARMYs had gone to that deserted place

7. BTS is so cool

8. Even Busan residents have said that they have seen the most foreigners in their lives and everyone has said that there are many people wearing purple clothes

9. I also saw a lot of foreign ARMYs in Seoul

10. I’m so jealous of the ARMYs who went to Busan

11. I miss that time so much ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. I lived in Busan, and there were a lot of foreign ARMYs at that time

13. I’m not a fan, but I went to Busan because I was curious, they said Busan is decorated in purple!!

14. I thought Chinese people spend a lot of money and Japanese people don’t, but it’s actually the opposite

15. That was the day I saw the most foreigners in my life

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