Each member of NewJeans wears different luxury items

Minji Chanel

Hanni Gucci (ambassador)

Haerin Dior

Danielle Burberry

Hyein Louis Vuitton

1. Louis Vuitton clothes aren’t very pretty, it’s like she’s wearing dad’s clothes

2. Danielle looks the best

3. Danielle looks like a professional model

4. No, why are they all so pretty and cute? Everyone is really pure

5. I think Danielle would suit Saint Laurent

6. They look like they’re wearing mom’s clothes because they’re so young

7. I think Minji would suit Dior, and Haerin would suit Chanel

8. I think Hyerin would suit Miu Miu

9. Everyone looks good, Danielle and Hyein look like models

10. Hanni is so cute and has a baby face so it would be nice to dress her up in younger clothes

11. Minji is so pretty

12. Danielle is perfect

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Jennie is ho

Now everything is about luxury brand…so little taken from good stage/performance, or music. U know who to blame, just put halfass performance and wait for brand deals to come


Newjeans perf are good, halfass where? Not their fault your faves are getting zero calls from the brands


It wasn’t really half ass. They just dont have as much stage presence/ impact as lesserafim has


“I think Minji would suit Dior, and Haerin would suit Chanel”

it should’ve been like this


Why do they look so old? 😭


Imo, they should focus on good performances and grow a steady fandom instead of looking for brands.
This gen is more focused on being models that performers. Smh


Hyein and Haerin woof!



This brands need to leave this girls alone

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