ENHYPEN’s fandom is divided because of the couple choreography

Of the 4 trucks in front of HYBE, 1 truck of Thai fandom supported the couple choreography, 3 trucks of Korean and Chinese fandoms opposed the couple choreography

1. They’re not popular in Korea anyway

2. I’m a muggle and I watched both videos. The song is addictive and good. The choreography looks fine

3. HYBE should listen to Korean, Chinese, Japanese fans. They are fans who spend money on ENHYPEN

4. Nowadays, the fandom culture is crazy. Is this the right thing to do?

5. From a muggle’s point of view, it’s so funny

6. I think the song is good and the choreography is fine

7. I don’t know because I’m not a fan, but if the fans don’t like it, they should change the choreography

8. HYBE never listens to the fans. I really hate HYBE

9. I can understand the fans don’t like it, but is it right to send trucks because they’re fans?

10. The fans will be the ones watching the stage the most, HYBE should respect their opinions

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