ENHYPEN’s fandom sends protest trucks to call for the removal of the couple choreography

“Be.Lift Lab who made a fool out of the waiting fans. The company that deters the future of the artist. The company that doesn’t have any will to grow. The label under HYBE that has the least power.”

“The perpetrator who causes fans to leave, Be.Lift Lab. Remove the choreography with the female dancers completely. Only put the seven members on stage.”

1. If you’re a fan of idols, you’ll definitely hate this kind of choreography

2. Protest trucks…? I feel sorry for the female dancers

3. Most of the fans say that they don’t like it… I support the fans

4. They may hate it, but they send protest trucks. I think the dancers and members will feel embarrassed

5. For those who say that the fans are crazy, please listen to ENHYPEN’s song at least once

6. I understand that you don’t like the couple choreography, but.. I don’t always like everything, whether it’s the comeback concept, the song or the choreography

7. I’m not a fan of this group, but I understand why they don’t like it

8. I understand the fans, I’m not a fan of ENHYPEN, but I was curious so I watched the stage, there were so many couples

9. If you’re a fan, you’ll hate it

10. It’s the company’s fault… They don’t understand the needs of the fans

11. They are not puppets, if you don’t like them, don’t consume them, just become a fan of other idols

12. It’s scary that the fans are the spenders, but they’re trying to dictate what they like

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That’s a beautiful part of the choreography.


flop group

Logic Thinker

Korean fans are so weak. Imagine being a woman and hating WOMEN just because they dance with an male idol…
For both it’s a JOB.


are all the comments above is by elementary kids ☠️ like why are you hurt by it 😭 telling people to listen to the song to understand their concern like okay ??? still no problem with it , the dance fit the song and the lyrics so ??????


They hate the idea of their oppas are dancing with women so much that they send a truck lol
I will never understand Korean fans’ “oppa is mine” mindset


man i hope the female dancers aren’t being harrased this is just sad


The enhypen members ofcourse want it, but the fans is the one who delulu


is this bcs their idol look shorter than the dancers?

Bring back discuss

Protest truck??!!! What a bunch of losers lmaooo



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