Even a SBS production team member was shocked at BTS’s popularity in Qatar

Even a SBS production team member was shocked at BTS’s popularity in Qatarㅋㅋ

A SBS production team member was eating, when a restaurant worker, who didn’t know she was talking to a Korean broadcast team, asked them if they were Korean

They then talked about BTS, and she asked them if they know Jungkook is currently in Qatar

The production team member then asked if BTS is popular in Qatar, to which the worker stated that BTS is no joke

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1. [+470, -53] But if you go overseas, everyone is like that for real. Only people from Korea are like ‘why them?’ and complain about their enlistmentㅋㅋ

2. [+270, -5] If you are Korean and go anywhere in the world, you will be asked about BTS, even in France

3. [+187, -4] If you watch Travel YouTube, everyone mentions BTS when they say they’re from Koreaㅋㅋ

4. [+101, -1] Just ask overseas Koreans or international students. How has the status of Koreans changed before and after BTS appeared? I think the people who complain about BTS’ enlistment are frogs at the bottom of the well

5. [+98, -3] Only the people of our country are losers who don’t appreciate BTS

6. [+75, -1] Even people who live on an island the size of a playground know about BTS

7. [+62, -4] Honestly, I think BTS is too big by Korean standards

8. [+60, -0] Seriously, Korea should be infinitely grateful to BTS

9. [+57, -0] I often see YouTubers traveling abroad or Koreans living abroad saying thank you to BTS

10. [+49, -0] Even rural areas in Central and South America know BTS

11. [+36, -0] I think BTS has done 70% in promoting Korea to the worldㅋㅋ

12. [+36, -4] The world is divided into before and after BTS appeared

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The only country who dnt know how big BTS are is South Korea. Thats why there’s ppl who said the cons of BTS is they from SK.


South Korea would not shut up about Kim Yuna because of the apparent national prestige she bought the country. BTS in 2017 was more culturally relevant than she ever was in terms of reach and impact. This just shows how much media narrative is crucial. BTS has reached this impossible standard to cover up unless you are secluded from the rest of the world but Korens still uses predominantly korean platforms that they still don’t know the complete impact and attention to the Korean culture these 7 men have bought. Its sad because they would have been treated so different in any other country.


Not them exempting son for only winning a fuckass tournament but not bts who brought a million times more imfact and influence to that country dont even get me startednon their economic impact


Atleast Son is still a good representative and well respected. We are not seeing the 100s of sports players who add nothing get exempted ,classical musician , politicians children, so many more we don’t realise.


honestly speaking I didn’t even know who kim yuna was until a few years later thanks to bts. of course you’ll know her if you are into sports but as a global athlete as fans/k-journalists claim yuna to be, her popularity is not as significant compared to her peers (no offense) because I know them better than who she was.

But I wasn’t done


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Korea is the most unsupportive country to be from like i gunuinely feel sorry for bts lmaooo

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hello zzz

but hey after their enlistment, they could live in a different country. I mean, I hope they do for their future children & stuff


Only Koreans don’t realize how big BTS is 💀 they have been living in their bubble for too long to know this

👩🏻‍🚀 Astronaut Y

There was a comment “bts biggest flaw/weakness is that their home country is korea” and that was surprising coming from them considering that Korean themselves who have been trying to tackle them.. And “our current society is, when someone is doing well we would rather drag them to our level even if what that someone’s doing is benefiting us than just simply congratulating and thanking them.”


It’s a rather disturbing if society has grown to be that collectively bitter over a stranger’s success, esp one that positively impacts that same society in some way.

It doesn’t explain why kmedia drops the ball on them so often tho. Passing up on easily milking out an already newsworthy story? And with a large audience who’d eat it all up? Do they not like making money?


And you just realized that fuckers ?




I’m surprised that there are still Koreans who are surprised at how well known BTS is worldwide. That’s why when they insist on naming this or that group as the next BTS I can’t help but laugh, it’s so ridiculous. 


BTS is GLOBAL global



Cranberry musk




Cranberry musk


Cranberry musk

Korea don’t deserve BTS and their (and kpop) downfall will be televised 🥰

But I wasn’t done


Armys spent years telling everyone who wasn’t Korean to stay out of enlistment conversations and now they see how incredibly stupid that was.

As if international groups don’t have opinions and sway on what other countries are doing every day. It’s literally how wars and global movements get started. Armys being vocal about BTS achievements and support for a dismissal of duty would have put more global pressure on the Korean government to follow through. Failing to do that just gave antis an unchecked stage to make sure bts enlisted. Future fandoms won’t dare make the same mistake.

Cult Twitter is not always the best place to get common sense.


I don’t get why athletes can get exemption no big deal but when it comes to entertainers like BTS that brought so much prestige and money to their country people suddenly complain. They need a reality check, BTS has done for SK more than any politician ever could

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