Even the crown prince of Jordan posted about BTS Jungkook on Instagram

The crown prince of Jordan posts about Jungkook on Instagram

[+300, -17]

1. [+173, -6] It’s a video, he shot a video of Jungkook’s stage and uploaded it, don’t talk nonsense that this is just a screencap

2. [+165, -5]

3. [+139, -1] The prince of Dubai also posted a video of Jungkook performing on Instagram

4. [+103, -1] During the opening ceremony and many scenes, he uploaded a video of Jungkook’s performance and even posted a post like this

5. [+68, -42] His videos line up from 1st to 4th

6. [+31, -0] Look at the Qatari girl wearing the national flag on her back during the opening ceremony, Middle Eastern girls are currently in love with Jungkook

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