Evidence of fraudulent voting for 2022 MAMA

1. No, why do popular groups do this? It’s ugly

2. It’s not made by the singer but by the fans. I feel bad for those groups

3. I know IVE is popular, but I was surprised

4. I heard the victims are NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, NMIXX, aren’t they rookies representing 4th generation female idols?

5. IVE sold 1.5 million copies, but they don’t have a big fandom

6. I feel so sorry for the fandoms who lost the will to vote because of them

7. Damn Mnet, what the hell are they doing?

8. Starship and their fans are so bad

9. Hul.. IVE sold a lot of albums, so I didn’t think they needed to have something like that

10. IVE? They’re the most popular kids this year, I bet fans hate the singer;

11. Shameless

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