EXO and ZEROBASEONE’s rankings on Melon Top 100 chart

1. EXO’s song is so good

2. I like EXO’s song

3. ZEROBASEONE is more popular than I thought

4. I like all of EXO’s songs

5. I’m glad that EXO’s songs are good

6. EXO fans worked hard even after a lot of controversies

7. Seriously EXO’s core is amazing

8. Both songs are good, but it’s a pity that they released the songs on the same day

9. EXO is amazing

10. ZEROBASEONE seems to do better than I thought

11. As expected, EXO is EXO

12. I love ZEROBASEONE’s song

13. EXO is amazing.. They still keep their core

14. EXO and Lim Young Woong are amazing

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