EXO Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Chen informed SM of the termination of the exclusive contract

EXO Baekhyun x Xiumin x Chen “Informed SM of the termination of their exclusive contract, they committed tyranny”

1. It’s still the same as 2009.. Nothing has changed at SM

2. What about the rest of the members?

3. Isn’t it 2023 already? Nothing has changed

4. 17 years, 18 years???????????? Aren’t these slave contracts???

5. EXO can’t make a comeback anymore ㅜㅜ

6. SM is crazy, nothing has changed

7. SM really hasn’t changed

8. Ahhh.. How much money did Baekhyun make as a group, unit and solo?

9. Even EXO is treated like that, what about other idols?

10. Nothing has changed since TVXQ… I guess that’s why EXO’s album was delayed

11. EXO is treated like that, but I’m worried if other groups are treated like that

12. It reminds me of TVXQ

13. SM is still trash

14. Hul, so the three of them are leaving SM???

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I speak facts

“Pretends to be shocked” SM been nasty for years yet you have idiots like eggs defending this company when they haven’t been getting paid and had slave contracts lmao retribution and karma is all I’m gonna say 😌


Just like their stan said, they dont want SM culture get change. Their wish is come true, SM keeps their culture lol


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I want 127 to take cue and terminate their contracts as well. The way they are being treated nowadays worries me alot.


I mean it’s beakhyun who I am seeing here. He was the last person I imagined to do something like this. So if he is doing it then there is something really really wrong going in that company.


17 YEARS CONTRACTS? literally signing their life to a company that does the bare minimum for them lmao but sm stans were getting defensive and pushing the family agenda down people’s throats when everyone was pointing their slave contracts out…


the disbandment is near. full time dad chen is near


This groups barely make news, but now that there’s 1, it’s about some members terminating exc. contract? Soon they’re no longer ‘weareone’ as them & their stans claimed to be..




I was a Cassie (TVXQ fan) in 2009 – 2010 when the whole issue with JYJ happened so this is a major déjà vu for me…it’s amazing how this shit is still going on. I’ve always said this: SM does not deserve it’s artists. It’s actually amazing how consistently horrible their management has been for literally decades now.

I’m still bitter about how Junsu’s talents can’t see the light of day because of SM’s ego (he’s a brilliant singer/performer, one of K-pop’s GOATs, even objectively speaking) and I seethe at the thought of Baekhyun following a similar path. He’s got way too much talent for it to be buried away because of this shitty company. I hope he signs with some big label who can promote him despite SM’s (expected) efforts to blacklist him.

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