EXO ‘EXIST’ surpasses 1.6 million pre-orders, breaking their own record

EXO’s comeback → Surpassing 1.6 million pre-orders… ‘EXIST’ Countdown Live’ today (the 10th)

EXO will make a comeback today (the 10th)

EXO ‘EXIST’ has reached 1.6 million pre-orders (as of July 9), breaking their own record

1. After all, EXO is amazing

2. I’ve been waiting for EXO’s comeback

3. As expected, EXO is EXO

4. Seriously amazing.. I’m looking forward to the song

5. I have to listen to the song when it comes out!!!!

6. EXO is EXO~ Congratulations~

7. EXO is still EXO

8. Daebak, EXO is so cool!!!

9. 1.6 million copies in 12th year… EXO is really big

10. Daebak, our EXO is amazing ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. I’m curious about the song!!!!

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