EXO fans are asking Chen and Chanyeol to leave the group and EXO to promote as 6 members

EXO fans started protesting with trucks from today

“Maintain EXO OT6 system, promotion guarantee, protect your artists, SM stop being bystanders”

“Kick out Chen and Chanyeol who are hurting the group. STOP deceiving the fans. EXO doesn’t need vicious members. Chen and Chanyeol OUT”

They want Chen and Chanyeol to leave the group and EXO to promote as 6 members

1. Kim Jongdae really has no conscience. He should have left the group as soon as the controversy broke out

2. Honestly, I don’t want to see them either, but I don’t think SM will kick them out of the group until they voluntarily leave

3. I’m not sarcastic, I’m really jealous of Chen because he’s mentally strong

4. Is this the country of truck protests?

5. It annoys the fans, but since the members have good relationships with each other, a lot of fans must have left..

6. SM never let them leave no matter what

7. But seriously, when will EXO come back?

8. I can understand the fans’ feelings, but if the two of them left, they would have done it a long time ago…

10. When I was in school, I hated EXO fans, but after they got angry because of the members, I felt sorry for them

11. Isn’t it too late to do it now?

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The relationship between member is good and exo already at their peak so exo l opinions won’t matter anymore


What did Chanyeol did?


His girlfriend exposed how he cheat with a lot of girls just like that former winner member, Kim taehyun

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K-fans are so annoying complaining for everything. Chen and Chanyeol didn’t do anything wrong, leave them alone mfs

Teenaged puppy

Them leaving won’t make that group popular again. The whole group should disband for have their idols be just as stupid as their fans

I just be living

Are we a country of protest trucks?? Um yeah y’all are annoying af with the stupid ass trucks! Exo went from 12 to 6 keep this up and there will be none left 💀

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