EXO Sehun personally talks about the rumors that his girlfriend is allegedly pregnant

EXO Sehun just went to Bubble

“I’m really angry because this situation came up out of the blue, but I wanted to tell you not to even misunderstand~”

1. EXO is still being harassed with malicious rumors

2. Sehun-ah, please sue those who spread malicious rumors

3. Sehun and Sehun’s fans must be so angry

4. He must have been confused, but he came to appease the fans

5. Sehun and the fans must have been surprised and angry

6. I don’t know what’s going on, but there are a lot of idiots

7. Why are you doing this to EXO?

8. What is SM doing? Please sue those who spread malicious rumors. SM should protect their celebrities more than anything

9. Even though I’m not a fan, I was angry

10 .((((((((((Sehun)))))))))

11. The level of the rumors is crazy

12. I hope those who spread rumors will be punished

13. Who believes those rumors? They are so stupid

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