EXO’s fandom and BTS’s fandom are still fighting each other again these days

EXO’s fandom and BTS’s fandom are still fighting

Before, they fought each other fiercely, but when BTS BTS turned the situation around, it seemed to calm down a bit

But this time BTS is caught up in controversies, they are fighting with each other again

1. These two fandoms seem to have a lot of resentment towards each other

2. There are a lot of people grabbing EXO’s hair by pretending to be ARMYs, right?

3. Only individual fans of BTS are fighting each otherㅋㅋㅋ

4. ARMY hates EXO-L and EXO-L also hates ARMY

5. Those two fandoms hate each other

6. So EXO fans are rising up again when BTS gets caught up in controversy?

7. Right now it’s just BTS fans fighting each other, right?

8. There are a lot of fans of other groups pretending to be ARMY or EXO-L

9. I’m not surprised, they fight each other all the time

10. Foreign fans always fight with each other

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