EXO’s Kai who mentioned enlistment at his birthday party in January this year

His birthday in January

Fansign in March

He knew he was going this year

He told his fans that he will work hard until he enlists

He didn’t even turn on the live stream to talk about his enlistment in the first place

He felt sorry when fans couldn’t see what he had prepared for EXO’s comeback

He was just trying to appease fans who were surprised by his enlistment

1. Damn.. Kai didn’t do anything wrong… Seriously, I’m upset.. Damn SM.. It’s SM’s fault

2. Don’t Kai fans just want all activities to be done as soon as possible before enlistment?

3. Looking at the fact that he himself didn’t know the exact date of his enlistment, he must have completely trusted the company about his enlistment

4. Why do we have to explain this?

5. He felt sorry that he couldn’t show the fans what he had prepared, and of course he could cry while talking to his fans

6. He’s a kind person and only thinks about his fans

7. I like Kai the most in EXO, so I was looking forward to it when he said that he would be making a comeback with the group this year

8. Seriously, why do we have to explain this?

9. Seriously, I’m not even a fan, but I can understand why he was upset when he said he’d be enlisting before the group comes back

10. I know there are a lot of weird kids, but as expected.. It’s ridiculous to have to explain this

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