EXO’s Kai who mentioned enlistment at his birthday party in January this year

His birthday in January

Fansign in March

He knew he was going this year

He told his fans that he will work hard until he enlists

He didn’t even turn on the live stream to talk about his enlistment in the first place

He felt sorry when fans couldn’t see what he had prepared for EXO’s comeback

He was just trying to appease fans who were surprised by his enlistment

1. Damn.. Kai didn’t do anything wrongโ€ฆ Seriously, I’m upset.. Damn SM.. It’s SM’s fault

2. Don’t Kai fans just want all activities to be done as soon as possible before enlistment?

3. Looking at the fact that he himself didn’t know the exact date of his enlistment, he must have completely trusted the company about his enlistment

4. Why do we have to explain this?

5. He felt sorry that he couldn’t show the fans what he had prepared, and of course he could cry while talking to his fans

6. He’s a kind person and only thinks about his fans

7. I like Kai the most in EXO, so I was looking forward to it when he said that he would be making a comeback with the group this year

8. Seriously, why do we have to explain this?

9. Seriously, I’m not even a fan, but I can understand why he was upset when he said he’d be enlisting before the group comes back

10. I know there are a lot of weird kids, but as expected.. It’s ridiculous to have to explain this

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while that hag Suga still not enlisting๐Ÿ˜น


he got the right to postpone it , go email their gov if you’re unsatisfied with it lol

Color color stan

Suga, unlike army evader kai, has the highest cultural merit award given by sk gov for his and bts contribution to sk. Because of this he can postpone until 30s. Your hag fav is acting like he’s bts postponing for 5 times and planning a comeback like btch go do social work


Yoongi has the order of cultural merit which allows him to postpone his enlistment until the end of this year, if it bothers you, I’m glad. Your crybaby used the 5 times allowed to do an extension and thought no one would notice if he kept evading his responsibility, but the law doesn’t work like that, too bad he won’t be in military service 5 years for the 5 extensions he did, that’s what he deserves. 


Unlike kai, suga has BTS law where only people whi got cultural merit can enlist by age 30. Dont worry, suga probably gonna enlist this year. He not delaying like kai 5 times. He probably gonna apply to enlist like jin n jhope.

White cat

The difference is he got the right to postpone it dear.the government themselves gave to bts member. ๐Ÿฅฐ keep crying and whining .while he continue his tour. By the way , he already mentioned that he will not be adding more date for concert for the obvious reason.


Your fav is not BTS

Color color stan

Oh fuck him, so back in january he already is aware of enlistment possibilities and yet he comes live crying to his fans? Why the heck is that grown man crying when he’s gonna be a social worker??? Crying as if he’s gonna be in the real army like jin and hoseok like btch stfu and enlist. Your fans nonstop dragged bts to the mud when they didn’t even use up the 5 times postponement but this hag used up all 5 and come online to say there’s a new change but got caught.


Of course he’s known he’s gonna go this year you dimwit, the fact he has to go on such a short notice because of his fvckass company fvckef up is the problem. Also calling him a hag when there are older ppl in your group???๐Ÿ˜‚


And if he knew that, how come he was preparing a comeback? He already knew he was a flop, his album wasn’t bought or listened to by anyone, wouldn’t it be better for him to go to the army and finally do something useful for his country? ๐Ÿคญ

Color color stans

He should’ve gone when the turned 28, he’s already 29! where the fuck is the short notice??? he got 1 year and 4 months free!


The weird thing about exo fans is how they say โ€œwhy canโ€™t armies leave him aloneโ€ meanwhile the very first tweets in qrts or under the tweet breaking the news about his enlistment were about how โ€œolder idols than himโ€ obviously meaning Suga must enlist first โ€œidgafโ€ and stuff like that knowing damn good and well that he and the rest of bts donโ€™t have to till 2024 at least.
Not to mention they and the rest of kpop fandom using military to sh!t on bts, saying theyโ€™re not real men
Ofc armies wonโ€™t be silent. Whatโ€™s so hard to understand


he will have no career onces he gets back

uga uga

lmao you wish

Color color stan

He has no career even now so it’s just the same ๐Ÿ˜‚

John Xina

He = Stiff Jin

uga uga

EXO had been talking about the comeback since last December.
Obviously it should had happened in March and then he would enlist in April (just like Chanyeol did with DFTF) but the lazy ass bitch company decide to change their comeback to may/June and really though the government would “forget”.
I honestly don’t know what the fuck is their problem.


bitch really said ‘i will work hard until the govt call him’ and act suprised when they call him. you should enlist earlier if you want to pick your time dumb


Oh…exo L talking as if they didn’t drag Jin to hell back then because he looked sad and had eyebag on his enlistment day. And now, when it happened to their oppar, they back tracked and said : Kai was just sad bcs he couldn’t participate in cb which he prepared !

Bish….he and SM should know the timeline of his military service. Its stupid to arrange a schedule when you didn’t count that unexpected factor. Let alone, this enlistment is a sure thing that should be done long ago. FIVE CHANCES and he used them all, and now he cried on live saying that its “so sudden”??? things don’t add up

Last edited 7 months ago by demy
John Xina

FLOPSUGA is older than him but still roaming free๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค


Shut it bottom. He won’t let you ride his rover

Hi, I'm Guest

Your ” successful” fave wish so hard to flop like Yoongi, fortunately they never will

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