EXO’s Killing Voice is currently #1 in the most popular videos on YouTube

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1. Baekhyun did so well

2. Baekhyun, D.O., and Suho’s voices are the best, Baekhyun is getting better and better

3. Chen and Baekhyun are definitely doing well..

4. Wow, everyone did well, but Chen is crazy… EXO members’ vocals are amazing

5. I’m not a fan, but Chen is a member that EXO really needs

6. Their vocals are really good, especially D.O.

7. Do Kyungsoo is amazing… Seriously, there’s nothing he can’t do

8. Do Kyungsoo’s voice is crazy

9. Baekhyun and Chen are so good

10. EXO’s songs are really good, but their skills are great too

11. Their vocal skills are the best among idol groups

12. EXO is EXO, seriously

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