Fans are disappointed with BLACKPINK Jennie’s makeup at Cannes and look back at her makeup during her debut days

BLACKPINK Jennie’s debut makeup style makes many fans miss

Jennie’s makeup at Cannes got a lot of disappointing reactions even with fans

Foreign fans have been praying and looking forward to Jennie since before she went to Cannes

1. Isn’t it just the difference in age?

2. If you miss the old Jennie then look for the old videos, don’t try to change Jennie now

3. She’s still pretty but her previous makeup was the best

4. I was amazed at how pretty she was when she debuted and when she did solo activities

5. Cannes makeup doesn’t suit her very well

6. Jennie is pretty no matter what she does

7. Her makeup at Cannes was disappointing, she looked very tired and stiff

8. Has the makeup shop changed? Cannes makeup is disappointing

9. Her makeup looks so old now ㅜㅜ She’s still in her 20s..

10. I agree that she looks tired.. I think she will sleep if she closes her eyes

11. I’m tired of her makeup these days

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