Fans are worried about BLACKPINK members’ health ahead of their world tour

The tight schedule for BLACKPINK’s world tour starting tomorrow

4 shows in a week October 25, 26, 29, 30 / November 2, 3, 6, 7

1. Crazy, is their health okay?

2. Well, concerts take place not only every weekend but also on weekdays

3. Hey, it’s no joke, they need to prepare well

4. They can’t go to awards ceremonies at the end of the year ㅠㅠ

5. Honestly, they’ll run out of energy even if they hold concerts twice a week

6. Why don’t they go to Japan?

7. They really need to take good care of their bodies

8. BLACKPINK members work like slaves

9. BLACKPINK fighting, don’t get hurt, let’s finish the tour well and come back!!

10. But the members work really hard ㅠㅠㅠ

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why yg hates sending these girls to award shows 👤


Cause those award shows are rigged


pretty sure they will let bp win if they attend plus they have higher chance winning at the nominations that they got at MAMA


they didn’t practice much and choose to attend fashion week more than performancing, ofc it will affect their bodu condition

they’re not used to it


Im a blink and yeah I’m so irritated that they chose fashion over music . They were better in the past and the performances were more passionate and clean but now🥲


It’s not like they dance hard or sing live


its not like u use your brain when talking


So they work two days in a row and have a handful of days off in between, repeat, and they have all of february off, all of april off and a month off after their last may concert and they have plenty of days off in between continents to recover from jet lag… Lmfao it’s not like their choreo takes a lot of energy, and lets be real it’s not like they’re gonna spend their days off rehearsing 😬 Your average office worker works way more I wonder if the knetz commenting are kids…

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What is so tiring? You don’t have to dance hard, you are not singing live. All you do is swinging your arms and legs while moving your lips a little. Isn’t that what you are expert in? Lol


They do sing live.


talk this loud when your faves have live album in their discography. Bp have 4…

Maple Puddin

“Live” 😂


Isn’t this the same as every kpop tour schedule? BTS had the same schedule too on tour, where their concerts were 2 days a week and then rest. Except their rest was probably filled with extra work, such as making new music and filming Run BTS. These girls are just so lazy to the point even the fans are being worried over an OK schedule🙄


it’s so funny seeing you getting mad 😂


Actually not mad😭 just this it’s funny how lazy these girls are.


dry ass humor


They are booked and busy and rich. While you are a jobless poor hater with less than 4 digits in your account.


arent you projecting? lol exchanging hater with crazy stan, cause you look so mad with a stranger on the internet commenting about a group of strangers you dont even know personally


these girls are called lazy bcs u be judging them from 2 sec clip, dumb btch


Men are biologically more energetic than women.


They barely even dance so not that hard


its not like theyre gonna dance or sing on stage lmao they gonna let the backtracks do all the singing

spicy spice

they don’t even dance nor singing that hard. they even gave nothing in 1st day concert after 2 years of hiatus. what u can expect?


they barely work all year round they only do photoshoots and attend fashion shows💀 i think they saved enough energy for this, and also their choreographies are not so difficult like the others ggs tho


Wow the hate for BP here is insane. I guess the admins of this site is happy lol. They are pretty hardworking talented girls. All the best for the incoming WT. Let everyone be healthy and enjoy their time!


So many antis in the comments lmaooo. Stay mad.🫶🏻


Pathetic army and once, as always


Of course. It’s them.

Maple Puddin

You’re an anti yourself stfu


I am literally defending Blackpink

Maple Puddin


Maple Puddin

After two years of rest they should have plenty of energy.


The comments and upvotes here hxjsjajajk. BLACKPINK you will always be relevant.🤣 The day antis stop keeping tabs on BLACKPINK is the day I can say that they are no longer popular and that people don’t give a fck about them anymore. Guess I have to wait for years.


They barely sweats at the 2 days concert, dance half assed. Let them know what sweating feels like

Lisa's little secret

stay well lisa!


Jennie can’t even move her body properly

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