Fans discuss if the meaning of Jimin’s software concept photos from “FACE” is about emotional abuse and hardships he went thru during debut of BTS?

As everyone remembers Jimin has already shared his story about his hardships during his trainee period on “You Quiz 99 ep” he talked about how he worked so hard to maintain his position in the group. JIMIN was only one with no privilege of having vocal lessons.

At the age of 16/17 year he went thru all the emotional, physical and mental stress.
The scars and wounds in his software concept must be one of the main meanings.

“the face of unwavering effort despite repeated falls and pain”

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Color color stan

Stop psychoanalyzing the members for one second


Wdym face is about his ugly face


ugly face=you


Eh i dont think he only experienced hardship during debut, he always got hates all the time. I think 2017-2018 was the worst.


This πŸ™ŒπŸ» 2016 β€” (and especially) 2018 was literal hell…

I’m actually side eyeing the majority in these comments acting like he hasn’t straight up been kpop’s punching bag and still IS to this day.

It’s insane how blissfully ignorant they continue being to everything kpoppies (and not only) did to Jimin and BTS as a whole.


Solos stop trying to victimized members challenge failed


He had the same expression in all photos. I thought he looked bored.


yeah because he saw you


Glamorising abuse?? Crazyy


‘Glamorising’ the abuse yall inflicted on him actually. For years. And to this day. I’d feel targeted as well.

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“wave spreads beautifully finding its own flow despite wounds and distortions from a smallest scratch.
the face of unwavering effort despite repeated falls and pain”

oh I just know this is about to emotionally wreck me on a whole different level


typical bts = romanticizing pain and struggle.
that’s why their fans mostly deranged women


stop talking about yourself baby

pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

since jimin is my bias i can tell that it is really true, he was bullied at school and sexually harassed πŸ™‚ jimin fighting!!!! u are strongest man ever i seen


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