Fans wonder if overload of Jungkook content by HYBE is to divert the attention from ongoing issue

Once again rumours about BTS Jungkook dating Lee yubi has taken spotlight as netizens wonder if sudden increase in jungkook’s fanservice is hybe’s way to divert the attention from ongoing issue.

The dating speculation is here since 2021 when fans noticed the duo sporting similar accesories to the actress’s lovestagram with the idol. One statue caught everyone’s attention due to its uncanny resemblance with the idol.

Fans wish for yubi to stay away fr jungkook.

Recently one account revealed jungkook’s Buddhist name along with his alleged involvement with the temple in which Lee yubi’s mother is a member and relevance of the institution with his tattoos. The user also claimed that the idol has gifted an iPhone to one of the monk, who even posted about it on his social media.

This topic even trended at 1 on naver.

As soon as the rumors started surfacing, the idol who is known for staying away from social media, surprised fans with many weverse live appearances, which in turn, effectively over shadowed all the trending topics about the dating rumors.

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He’s a grown ass man he can date whoever he wants let him live his life


Including someone who braggs about scammer money, as long as he keeps it a secret and keeps giving them their fapping sessions he’ll be fine


but this isn’t about dating, it’s about the girl’s family scandal that dragged jungkook’s name.


The girl said she doesn’t even know him everything’s a mess


Fans ? Those are all lurk accs . Who even believes that statue is him ? Lmaooo jk antis are mentally I swear


What’s the deal with yubi chick? Why is she messy?

White cat

Her family scamme a lot of people. Some off themselves due to it . She and her sister also flaunt their wealth on public alot. So they fully support their scammer parent . That why

Gi Gi Hakusho

This is not the first time they try to involve Jk with problematic chaebol girls, Sojang herself tried to involve him with Yoochun’s ex fiance that is also problematic, she had to make public she has never met Jk. It’t their way to force scandals with people he doesn’t know. Tomorrow it will be a new one.


she’s lee seungi’s future sister in law. she’s hated the same way lsg’s future wife is hated by knets. they’re trying to make jungkook involved to drag him later like how they’re doing with lsg lol


How is she danger to him? When he is a lot older than her? That’s a grown man. Lol
I really wish he would be happy with no matter who, but without over dramatic fans


she’s 7 years older than him… and her and her family are kinda problematic


She is 7 yrs older than him. Not saying it matters but this is a fake rumor that was once denied by both sides in the past already.

White cat

She is 1990. So she 7 years older than jk .it’s not about her age is about her family and her audacity to publicly flaunt her wealth when they get it by scamming other. People actually off themselves due to the debt and stress. While the family live on. Korea hate toward that family are justified actually.


Btw, Lee yubi’s mom found out where Lee seunggi golfed and deliberately planted Lee dain there to ‘naturally’ meet lsg. Like she picked lsg and then orchestrated the ‘naturally meeting.

wouldn’t be surprised if the scammer mom went to plant rumors to get jk’s attention or something. Or tell and give scam money to yubi to buy whatever jk uses to do the kardashian/ Leonardo attention seeking mediaplay. It screams stage mom.

Btw, Lee yubi’s mom blatantly lied on TV pretending to be of royal blood. But in reality, kyeon was a rebel in post-baekje who flopped and failed to rebel. Then he joined hands after being a sore lover rebel under the goryeo wangs (aka a rebel captain allied to goryeo’s founder) to be one of the many mutineering rebel army captains that overthrew shills. In other words, they were descended from pardoned criminal rebels. The actual royal descent of baekje in kpop is skz changbin whose ancestor got caught and sent to China and centuries later one of the descendents of the 10-ish princes who got captured returned in goryeo. And changbin doesn’t even go around lying blatantly like that rebel crim.cb.u
inal descendent kyeon. A.aga


*loser rebel

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ma boy can’t even eat food & cuddle his pet in peace now?
get a life damn

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the one in the photo is suga.


ever heard of reaction meme?


I wonder how his wife flophyung feels about this 🤔🥺


Tf he is only for jimin


I thought pigmin was for bango and that da eun? 🤔
But ok since you want him to date jk, then jk and pigmin 💝


Yall shippers are weird

White cat

Tbh I seen alot of rumour since.she is in LA during bts concert too and at the same venue multiple time. It’s very unfortunate if this rumour is true. Lee seunggi have clear image but got publicly hated due to his involvement with Lee dain.


She was in US to attend Coachella not bts concert

White cat

She also attend that Anderson Park show the same day as jk and other member when.


Hopes Jk ignore everything and stay safe and happy
Stay strong JK, we love u and support u


1- Everyone knows that sojang is just a lying gossip old woman with hatred for idols who are popular. Still be led to her BS and haters are foaming at the mouth to spread it.
2- It’s not big news nowhere. So the post was made with the aim of provoking hatred and bickering in the comments.


Jungc0ck cheating on his wife Twinkhyung? 😔
If it makes ami feel better I think twinkhyung is better looking than this girl ☺


just stay on 15 years old kpop twt


I think gender roles have changed for you after your favs photos⤵️. And sorry but who are you? Get out of your fantasy world. Are you too stupid to realize that Jungkook is an adult?


Its from that sojang video. Both of them have publicly denied before. Lee yoo bi even mentioned that she never met JK but she does know suga lol.


Act that’s fake. Celebs lie all the time. Look at song joongki lying that he wasn’t dating song hyegyo and threatening to sue & then they were married. Or park bogum saying he wasn’t going to yg and turns out he was.

Lee yubi has a verified record of clubbing since ages ago and they frequent similar places. Lee yubi lost her phone and reported it as missing, only to sue the person who found it bcs he wanted reward money. So it had a track record even. Lee yubi’s clubbing pals are a couple of other b-list/ c-list entertainers at their Lee yubi/ Lee dain b/c/d list and have tonnes of time to spare level. Jk photos w his friends at clubs were also posted online. Not sure if he act bought the chanel bag/ donated to yubi’s comp, but they almost certainly know each other. The other stuff like bags & whatever could be yubi buying it like how irene the model seems to buy similar stuff. Or how fans buy similar stuff. But this was 99% re-released by hybe and the ent official 99% a hybe ent official (actors don’t meet their comp staff often unless they’re working). So actor agencies often don’t know much abt their actors’ private lives.

Kind wishes

He is probably dating her or some other woman. arms still thinking that he is a little bunny baby star candy or whatever cringe names they give this grown man.


Hate to break it to you but most armys don’t care who they date


Cause armies are nasty a scammer is a saint compared to them


LIE!!! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

White cat

Tbh I prefer for him to date the tattoo girl compared to this girl. His involvement with them will make him hated. That family get a justified hate due to her own scammer family . She also publicly flaunt her wealth knowing that they are scammer. So she benefit from that too.


How do they know that’s Jungkook’s Buddhist name? 💀


Some of fans really obsessed with idols’ private life 💀


honestly there are actually parts of army twt that called themselves lurk twt where they gossip about bts and their private lives , I think they got most of their infos from pann, dc inside/gallery, the qoo, k-armys on twt .

Just found out about them today because I was searching news or new tea about the whole SM/Hybe stuffs


like idek JK is a buddhist??? he has never mentioned his religion or wtv before so i thought he’s an atheist tho lmao


Post by SCOOPWHOOP, joined February 14,2023. 🤔 In the middle of hybe-sm-kakao mess?


mmm I actually stumbled upon some lurktwt accs and found out the statue is apparently there since 2017 and that jungkook’s picture is in 2020 ? idk if this right and I heard lee yubi is going to release her reality show or something so it’s possible this issue arise again to promote her show ?

again I’m not sure if this is correct but honestly idc who he dates, or any of the bts members dates, like yeah the person they date might be problematic or something but that’s their life anyway.


The statue are made in 2021…..that jk pic are from 2020


oh thank you for the info.

I do feel suspicious from the woman’s part because of her whole family’s history but oh well I’m just a fan , even if they end up truly dating and Jungkook’s reputation there is shaky due to it, all I get to do is pray for him I guess and wish him well


The woman family reputation are not good bcs of their history(scamming ppl money), if jk really have connection with them def ain’t gonna looks good for his image, since knetz really hating that girlie family, idk whole of this feels weird imo esp that statue are super weird tbh why they using statue that looks like him on their temple that are for religious things. Isn’t jk also goes in that temple and donated too? How is he not weirded out with that statue that looks like him …i just hope he’s away from this family bcause its not gonna look good for him fr

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I don’t know her and it’s the first time that ive heard this rumor. But we should understand that jungkook is a grown man. Literally an “adult”. We are just fans. People should understand each other’s position. So pls don’t try to find the hidden things in his social life. It’s not about only this rumor, it’s about all the other things like private life.


I know we shouldn’t entertain this rumour since sojang is the one behind this.


Fake. He is meeting with pigmin i think.


No, i don’t think jungkook know you. And don’t call yourself pig! Love yourself 👍

WhatsThe Point

These are not fans, they’re jobless people who have nothing better to do in their lives.
And my man can’t even come live w/o people trying to find reasons


BTS are all gay.

They don’t date women.


meow meow

the source being sojang 😭 get a life


He will get married he is just that kind of guy the question is he gonna have the chen treatment or the taeyang treatment?


Shit this made me laugh so hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


This is brand new information…there was dating rumors? JK did TWO lives without company consent. What the hell are ppl on


if her family is known to be problematic and scammers, isn’t it obvious why this whole thing is suspicious 😭😭 like sure he probably goes to that temple and knows the monk, but I wouldn’t put it past them that they are purposely milking this thing too much. like i have no problems with him dating, he’s a grown ass man, but if the news came from random accounts that purposely believe random photos and involves a family with suspicious background,,,hmmm

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