Fans wonder if overload of Jungkook content by HYBE is to divert the attention from ongoing issue

Once again rumours about BTS Jungkook dating Lee yubi has taken spotlight as netizens wonder if sudden increase in jungkook’s fanservice is hybe’s way to divert the attention from ongoing issue.

The dating speculation is here since 2021 when fans noticed the duo sporting similar accesories to the actress’s lovestagram with the idol. One statue caught everyone’s attention due to its uncanny resemblance with the idol.

Fans wish for yubi to stay away fr jungkook.

Recently one account revealed jungkook’s Buddhist name along with his alleged involvement with the temple in which Lee yubi’s mother is a member and relevance of the institution with his tattoos. The user also claimed that the idol has gifted an iPhone to one of the monk, who even posted about it on his social media.

This topic even trended at 1 on naver.

As soon as the rumors started surfacing, the idol who is known for staying away from social media, surprised fans with many weverse live appearances, which in turn, effectively over shadowed all the trending topics about the dating rumors.