February 2023 comeback schedule

February comeback schedule

February 1 – Epik High
February 2 – Taeyeon
February 5 – 10cm, Yang Yoseob
February 6 – BooSeokSoon (Seventeen)
February 8 – Lim Chang Jung, Ha Sung Woon
February 11 – MSG Wannabe (M.O.M)
February 13 – Key, TripleS
February 14 – Tri.be, STAYC
February 15 – TNX, Purple Kiss
February 20 – The Boyz

Undecided – Jimin (BTS), Hwang Minhyun

1. Thank you.. I was curious

2. Wow daebak, there are so many singers I like

3. Taeyeon will release her new song??? Why I don’t know??????

4. Can’t wait for BooSeokSoon

5. Will Aespa make a comeback in March?ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. BooSeokSoon fighting!!!!!!

7. What about Aespa?

8. Hul Jimin, my heart is about to explode

9. Hwang Minhyun???? Is he working alone?

10. Can’t wait for Hwang Minhyun

11. Daebak, I’m so excited about Jimin’s solo

12. There will be a lot of good songs to listen to

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we’re already in february and there are still no dates and teasers for jimin 😪

anyway I didn’t know taeyeon will be making a cb this month like does anyone know if it’s a single or a mini album


Maybe it’s because they want to promote jhope photo folio first. You know they can’t multitask.


Yeah, I hope we’ll see smt abt it in the next couple days, at the latest, if they still plan on doing a Feb release.


taeyeon isn’t having a comeback, she’s releasing a song produced by Naul as part of a ballad project


Wow Naul. Hope the song is good.

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