Female idol who has the prettiest pelvis by netizens’ standards

Female idol who has the prettiest pelvis by my standards


She’s 161, but her pelvis and leg length are really amazing..

1. How tall is Dahyun?? I thought she was 150, but she’s over 160

2. 161..? Wow I envy her

3. Dahyun’s body is the best, it’s my wannabe

4. I was really surprised, her body looks like this

5 .I thought of Yoona, but Dahyun’s body is daebak

6. Wow, I also think of Dahyun!!!

7. Many people say that Dahyun’s body is overshadowed by her cute image… She’s so pretty

8. I think of Dahyun or Momo

9. I also think of Dahyun.. Really amazing

10. Well, I’m really jealous of her

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Pelvis?! Really?
Knetz really judge everything from head to toe, how do people live like this

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